chippy vintage wardrobe

I am a bad girl.  
Recently, I found a new thrift shop.
It's my secret / new / awesome place.  
I've only told two friends about it.
I know.  So naughty. 
I should share.... but maybe later.

My first visit to the New Awesome Store led me to this cabinet.

I loved the size and primitive condition it was in.
I decided to haul it home.

One thing you need to know is that I have a small Scion xB.
(aka, a toaster) 
I adore my car.
It's paid off, and has been a great vehicle for me. I love that it doesn't look like every other car on the road.
It's small enough to be easy on gas, and roomy enough for me to haul home treasures like this.  
You'd be amazed at what my car has been loaded up with!

Because my car is now 8 years old, and the hatch has been used a ton, it's beginning to need repairs.
As I was getting ready to load up the cabinet, this was the moment the latch decided to break off in my hand.
Not Awesome.

I got the cabinet loaded, but had to endure the Drive Home of Shame with my tacky latch handle dangling off the back of my car.
I expected at any moment for a cop to pull me over and do a drug check.
That didn't happen, but a vendor at Aunt Bee's happened to see my Dangle Disaster and pulled up next to me to let me know.
Thanks anyway, Traci!  ;)

Anywho, I got it fixed in a couple days, and got to work painting the cabinet.
I knew this would be perfect in milk paint.

MMS Linen paint produced a gorgeous chippy finish.
I also used the last bit of the crackle medium I had on hand.

See all those little speckly dots?
It was sprinkling (one of the many terms we use for "rain" here in Oregon...) and as I was distressing the surface, the water began to pull up the finish.
I loved the effect it was creating, and used it as another distressing technique! cool!

(also another reason to seal your painted furniture- if you don't want that to happen- from a wet water glass, or something else- make sure you seal it!!)

The knobs were a great find at Michael's in the $1 bins!!
Can you believe?
I need to go back and stock up before they are all gone!

A roomy drawer, and a great space inside to either hang clothes or add some shelves.

I had fun with the staging.
Warm and wintry.

One of my goals this year is to continue to grow and learn a lot in my photography.

Right now, I will snap a ton of photos of whatever it is I'm shooting, and be happy with what I see in the view finder; get it loaded onto the computer to edit, and not be so happy anymore.
I know I have a ton to learn, but getting the blurry (not bokeh) look gone is high on my learning list.
Self imposed homework reading is on my to do list for 2013!!

Also, I have to say
Go Ducks!
Fiesta Bowl game today, and we can't wait!

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  1. Great find! I love how you have distressed it too. I still haven't tried MMS paints but I sooo want to.

  2. totally love this piece and definitely thought the knobs were original to it until you said you bought them at Michaels :)

  3. I never seem to find things like that in the second hand places round here. It is fantastic what you have done with this. Chel

  4. that is adorable and i love the fun knobs! a nice splash of color! :)

  5. What a great piece, Denise. I am so sorry about your latch- does it ever fail that something like that happens at the most inopportune time? Blessings- xo Diana

  6. LOVE your little cabinet. So charming!!
    Mary Alice

  7. That was a great find and a lovely new chippy finish. My first car many many years ago was a brand new Chev Chevette. A small car but it could hold so much.

  8. Nice job! Love that cabinet!

  9. What a find love how you finished it.
    And your car saga I've had a moment like that hoping no one notices and how fast can I get it fix.

  10. That's an awesome cabinet! You found a great find!

  11. Oh how I wished I lived in Oregon again! Great cabinet. I love the "rain" finish! Darling blog.

  12. I love your cabinet Denise! It's always interesting to see how we have to squeeze our finds into our vehicles after purchase. Would love to have you join the twelveOeight Pretty Things party too!

    xoxo, Tanya

  13. Very cute cupboard!
    Using a tripod will help with clearer pics! I'm a good one to talk - I never take the time ! But I've been told and read that it is worth the time!

  14. What a great piece! I love the chippy finish, and your staging is perfect!

  15. What a great find and an awesome make-over! I just found your blog and I really enjoyed my visit. I'm now one of your newest followers. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Gail

  16. Love your cupboard! Your vignette on top is beautiful! Don't blame you, keep your new store a secret! :) I'm a new follower. Come by for a visit!

  17. A good find, I'd say. I with you when it comes to improving my photography. It's a constant challenge for me.

  18. What a Fun Story! And I Love the Transformation of the Cabinet. MMS Milk Paint is something I definitely want to experiment with in 2013. And the raindrop distressing method... what a nice Natural way to give Character to the piece!

    Happy New Year from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  19. Love this little chest! I just gave away two of my favorite thrift secret spots....that's only 'cause they're out of the area and I get to them a few times a year.

    I'm your newest follower!

  20. This is so cute!! It reminds me of the beach :)

  21. Sweet piece, love it!
    Hope you have a GREAT weekend!

  22. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  23. I love what you've done to it! Gotta try MMS CP one day! ;) Happy New Year to you!


  24. Denise, it came out spectacular! Worth a broken handle all the way ;-)

  25. Absolutely Gorgeous cabinet and finish. Very pretty handles. You must have done a happy dance when you saw that!

  26. I'm such a sucker for a white chippy cabinet. love the little "raindrops"!!


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