chippy drop leaf table and a new perspective

I've always said that one of the best ways to "see" how your decor is looking, is to look at it through a lens.  If something seems like it's not coming together, snap a picture of it, and then you can see things that your eye isn't picking up.
Case in point:

I was totally digging this drop leaf table that I was going to share today, and look what I discovered...
I really need to paint the underside.  
Before you think this was a major oversight, I intentionally left the underside undone as I was finishing this piece.  
I thought it lent itself to the primitive charm.
But now, after staging it and snapping some beauty shots, I see that it really needs to be black underneath as well.

This table was a great find while I was out hunting for a vintage bike.
If you live in the state capitol, like me, you can find cast offs that the government has let go and sells to the public!  
The government surplus warehouse sells everything from unclaimed bikes 
(which is why I was there in the first place)
 to office furniture
fire engines
 (really.  I looked at one once when I was there)
and lots of other great items.  
Mostly office furniture though.
So I was very excited to have found this table.  It's not the kind of piece I usually see there.

I painted the table in MMS milk paint, Typewriter. 
It's a great charcoal black.
I felt like this was the first time I got the consistency just right.

It got a good distressing, allowing the original color to show through.

Several of the items I staged with the table are going to Junk Salvation.
The 'Friends' sign, the cloche; I also have a few beautifully weathered cutting boards and some vintage alarm clocks.

It has a chippy top.

Opened up:

And folded up:

And this is also why I thought painting the top only was ok!
But, I am off to go get my paint brush....

Have a great weekend!


  1. Great table and great tip, Denise! Love the color you used and your staging looks very pretty. Your cloche and display are calling out to me as I love cloches and clocks!

  2. I love your staging on this piece!

    Most State Universities also have surplus stores. Lots of office furniture of varying ages/eras to look through. & the University also has random items, like the extra shoes the athletic teams didn't use during the year. My college roommate got brand new tennis shoes for $5.

  3. A really pretty and versatile table! I like the idea of looking at a piece from the perspective of the camera - I'll remember that!

  4. Charming little table Denise...great choice in the paint color.


  5. Wow, that was a good find! I am glad to know the Government sells excess furniture, what a fun place to shop!


  6. That is cute, Denise. I have one that belonged to my hubby's great grandmother-xo Diana

  7. I love this table.. Way cute !!! I love the clock under the glass dome ... I will feature that with your name one day on my face book page.. I just love it . let me know if that will be okay .. Love your vision and great eye for design................... HUGS

  8. Love the table and the finish. I often wonder what other people really "see" when they come to visit. I "see" my stuff all the time, it is beneficial to try to look from a different prospective. As you've shared, it can may be eye opening. Your table looks great!!!
    Have a great weekend,

  9. Ha! I didn't even notice the unpainted underside until you pointed it out. :) Cute table!

  10. Lovely table! It's beautifully staged too. I love every single item on it.

    The camera is definitely a fresh eye when it comes to assessing your decor.


  11. That's a lovely table, Denise. I think it keeps its charm even with the undone underside.:-)

  12. Taking photos is definitely a good idea! We just don't see everything in real life that gets captured in a still shot! Great advice! adn the table looks great in that color!

  13. I actually like the unpainted underside...especially how you have it styled! My eye was drawn to it immediately because of the contrast. Love it!


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