rustic fall mantel

I forgot to tell you all yesterday, thank you so much for all the kind comments on our fall porch and table!

Today I am showing the mantel I put together for fall.

I saw a great deal on these wood planter boxes, so I picked up two- one for decorating with, and the other to finally put on our house!  
(that seems more like a summer project, doesn't it? Hey, when opportunity knocks....)

This one was $7.
 I know I can use it for lots of other projects, so it was a bargain!

I added in the grapevine wreath from last year, and then worked on filling up the planter box with pumpkins and gourds.

A little spray of pepperberries.
The fall grass was an amazing deal from the Dollar Tree.
Most of their floral looks like it cost a dollar.  (!)
But this was one of the best deals for something I will use a lot!

 I cleaned out what they had at one of their locations here in town.
(sorry- that was probably a bit hoarderish of me- I just knew it wouldn't last if I waited to get more down the road!)

 A demijohn with some feather plumes.

On the other side of the trough, I used a large clear vase to hold some rolled sheet music, just for a little graphic punch.  A small mercury glass votive for some sparkle to all the rough hewn.

The fall banner that I made last year, is here again.
 A gothic font printed on sheet music; the ends both have a leaf cut out of the middle.  All hung with mini clothespins.

I also had a little fun using one of our nook chairs to hold the basket of mums.
The black really tied into the fall look.

Simple, rustic, and colorful.
A bit different from our dining room look.

Like the dining room, it's been fun to look back and see how my style has changed over the last couple years.

You can see last year's here.

I'm linking up once again to the Fall Party!
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deals and steals of the weekend

Most of my morning was spent with a couple good buddies, touring some gorgeous homes!
Last year I took you on a mini tour of the Cook's Tour, and that was where I was today.  
I only took a few photos via Instagram.  

Lots of fun, and several local restaurants teasing us with bite size versions of their food.
The whole tour benefits kids through the Assistance League- one of my favorite places to spend money!
(especially their thrift shop!!)

I picked up a couple 'just for me' items this weekend while I was out.
When my mom and I were out getting our fall porch decos, we ran into a thrift shop to look for some baskets.
I came out with a bunch of stuff, and decided to keep this beautiful statue for my entry.

I have a hard time resisting statues.  
It was a bargain at $12.99 and reminded me very much of the one in our powder room, because it was made in Mexico also!  
A great Euro look for a fraction of the cost!

For a couple years now, I've been looking for an affordable, sophisticated looking umbrella bucket.
('bucket' doesn't sound very elegant....what's a better name for it?)
...umbrella stand.  
(Ok, thanks Ballard Designs, for helping me out)

I liked the look of this one, and it was half off.  
Even at regular price it was great deal.  $5?
cha ching! sold!

Now I just need to put a cuter umbrella in there. 

I also picked up some furniture pieces that I have started on- including a vintage vanity, farmhouse table, and a side table.

Hope to have some makeovers to show you by the end of the week!

Any good finds for you this weekend?

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outdoor decor: welcome to our fall porch!

I had a fun day with my mom today!

After grabbing our first Pumpkin Spice Latte's of the season,   
we headed out to Al's Garden Center.  
It is such an incredible place to visit and buy plants, year round!

The wreath above, was from a vendor at Aunt Bee's House though.  
I just love it.  
The one we've had the last few years was in desperate need of replacement, and this was perfect.

 A bundle of corn stalks for the front entry.  
Most of our summer flowers are still doing great and blooming, so we worked with some of the existing colors by doing a mix of purples, greens, yellows, and oranges.

Buying mums with my Mum.
(ha, I had to say it.)

I love getting our pumpkins there!
$1.49 any size!

Next to the front entry is our porch sitting area.
We have really been enjoying it since it's mini makeover a few weeks ago.

I think maybe next spring, I will look into a salvage window frame to put between the curtains...just to hide the neighbors roof.

I enjoyed getting out the flannel shirt pillow covers from last year!
A mini tutorial can be found here.
I have some red and green ones lined up for Christmas, and another reddish orange one will be added to the fall mix soon.

I bought our first batch of farm fresh apple cider today.
Thank you, EZ Orchards!

All three of us (four if you include Bella) love coming out on the porch to read.
I am LOVING the book I just got!

Major Pettigrew's Last Stand by Helen Simonson- I highly recommend.
I have been giggling throughout.

Our little fleur box has some fresh fall flowers in deep purple and yellow.
I love the chippy stool that elevates it to the bottom of the window.  When I look out our living room, it looks like a real window box.

When you sit on our porch in the evenings, this is the view.
We feel very lucky to enjoy it every day.

I added in a couple more golden mums to the front steps in some galvanized buckets.

And last but not least, I had to share our most recent find:

Yesterday I spotted a pair of concrete columns.
The price was great, and I snapped them up.  It wasn't until I was walking away with the price tags that I saw the added detail!

Loved it.
I've been wanting a bird bath or some kind of hardscape in the front yard for awhile, so this is a great, unique addition.

The other one landed a spot in my room at Aunt Bee's House.

(wouldn't that be nice if all the great finds came in pairs?? 
Then you wouldn't have to choose what to let go!)

Thank you so much for visiting!

Do you have your outdoor spaces ready for cooler days?

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fall table decorating

This year for my dining room, I stayed with the rustic look I've had in the past, but added in (as always) a few new elements.

Michael's had some great Pottery Barn looking faux pumpkins.  I picked up a few this year while they had a great sale going.  I always like to have real white pumpkins, but the last couple years I've had trouble finding them, and when I do, they are crazy expensive.

I even tried harvesting the seeds one year and planted them in our garden the following summer.
No luck.
Faux, but great looking ones work for me!

The wooden candle pillars are from TJ Maxx.  I got them this summer for our mantel, but switched it up for fall.

Our hydrangeas are turning gorgeous shades of various colors right now.  Most of these are leftover from our Frogmore stew night- they dried beautifully.

I put a bunch of them in my large, wooden, hand carved trough.
It's something I found last summer at an estate sale.  It looks very much like a pricey European dough bowl, but is stamped "made in Mexico" on the bottom.  
I think it cost me around $10!

Three mercury glass votives are woven through for a bit of sparkle to all the rustic.
The chandelier crystals also add a touch above the table.

I almost forgot!
The table runner is one of the ones for sale in my Etsy shop!  Farmhouse stripe table runner, this one is the khaki and white stripe.  I have lots of colors and styles, and there are more being added later this week.

I really love this year's fall setting!
Elegant and rustic.
It works with all the white in our dining room.

If you'd like to see what I've done the past couple years, you can see them here, and here.
Kind of a shock to see the difference!
I promise- yours truly did all three! ha ha!

Is your house ready for fall?  Mine is slowly but surely being transformed.
I just hope this gorgeous sunny weather holds on for a while longer!

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my booth at Deepwood Vintage Market

If you are a roller coaster enthusiast, then you know that there is a thing called a twin coaster.  
Meaning,  a roller coaster that has 2 tracks that both run at the same time.  

Sometimes they parallel, sometimes the cars come towards each other on opposite tracks.  
I've never actually been able to ride one, but I've seen them, and it looks scary and thrilling all at the same time.

That's how life has felt for me the last couple months.
Riding twin coasters- one foot in each car.

I've talked about the ups and downs of blogging; and owning your own business is like a roller coaster.
There's crushing lows, and thrilling highs.  
Learning how to ride not one, but two, has been.... 
crazy?  interesting?  a journey?   

The market was one of the thrilling parts of what I do, and it was just what I needed right now.

Yes, there's a ton of work involved, and it's exhausting.  
But it was so good for me to be able to connect with buyers, see old friends who were vendors, and meet several of you! 

I was super excited about my booth set up this year.  
I had an idea brewing in my head for a month and a half, and was glad that it turned out how I envisioned.
(sorry about the photos- they were snapped super fast, and then I had some major issues with uploading....awful grainy.)

My inspiration came from something I saw on Matthew Mead's website.  
He had visited Remnants of the Past, and showed a booth that I loved.  
I put my own spin on it, and was so happy with the result.

I found the posts at my local ReStore, for $10.  I was hoping for something chunkier, but I hate to spend too much of my cash on something I won't be selling.
The lanterns are from our family room.  I used the battery operated candles so I didn't have to worry about messy wax all over, or a fire hazard.  
I added the little pennants to hold the posts out.
Kinda renaissance-y.

My friend Janna was kind enough to pass on a gorgeous chippy window paned door, so we connected that to some old shutters for my back drop.

I was so glad to have my sale table this year- it was great to have a spot to wrap, have my bags organized, and sit when I needed a rest.  (it's in the background to the right there- with all my junk!)
The last time I used it was last November!

I added a skirt to it to hide my water and snacks.
You can see a better shot of it in the link below that Nichole Haverland took.  All on my FB page.

I am so happy that a few of my furniture pieces went home with some buyers.  The Greige table and Mademoiselle Claude dresser went home with a nice lady who was happy to use them as side tables in her bedroom.

The humidor also (finally!) sold.

And at the end of the day, shortly before we started to pack up, a lady from Texas came in and bought my salvage book case.  I'm not sure if I ever had pictures of it on my blog! 
She told me she was decorating a guy's space and needed some cool pieces.  It's going in a musician's space, so she liked the sheet music background as well.

It was a well attended event; everything was super fun, and a great weekend.  
So thankful for the support of family and friends!

There are some pretty incredible photos that Haverland Photography took of the show- I posted a link on my FB page.  We had an Alice in Wonderland theme for the show, and the most adorable little Alice was roaming the gardens Friday night.  You have to take a peek.  Gorgeous job, as always Nichole!  Thank you for taking the photos!!

Today I am looking forward to a somewhat more normal routine to my day- ordering some items for my space at Aunt Bee's, going to my workout, and getting my fall decorations up around the house.

Looking forward to showing you some fall vignettes this week!

Thanks again to those of you who took the time to say hi and that you read my blog!! 
It meant the world to me!

P.S.  On another exciting note, a huge congratulations to Megan of Red Pearl Designs (my logo designer).  
Jaxon Michael was born on September 15!  

Dad, mama, and Jaxon are all beautiful and doing great! 

new fall items- a preview for the Deepwood Vintage Market

Thank you so much for all the kind words on Bella.
She is back to her old self, and it is such a relief.

It's amazing how these little fur balls can become a part of our families- and their sickness, injuries, and emotional state is every bit as concerning as our real babies!

I appreciate your thoughts and well wishes so much!!

I know my posts have been a little sporadic this week-
it's been all consuming getting ready for this weekend's show.

It's one aspect I don't love about this business.  
It's super fun, but it's also a huge reason I started renting a space- consistency, rather than crazy spurts!

 Just so you don't think I've been lollygagging by the pool, here's a small peek at what I've been working on:

I've had the fabric for these pillows since earlier this spring!  
Waiting and waiting until fall to put them together.  
These are called the Fancy Skull pillows.

I embellished each one with a fabric flower.  
They have little wisps of feathers, and then I added a crystal to the center.  I think they are so rock star looking, but still pretty enough to be in a nice space.

The backs of the pillows have a black and white ticking envelope enclosure for a nice contrast.
Both are made of great quality fabrics.
I will only have three of these available for the show.

I was able to get some great stuff this past weekend {including the shabby chic mirror from the previous post}.  

This idyllic fall print was one of them.  

I also have quite a stash of great vintage bottles.  This one is the largest of the bunch!
There's a few more in my Instagram feed.  
There's a pair I purchased that has some gnarly old corks, foreign markings on it (still not sure what language?? Hebrew? Russian?) 
The lady that I bought them from said her husband found them in the ground at the Oregon State Penitentiary!  
There's some intriguing history!

I also painted several signs.  
This is just one of them.

The galvanized mop bucket is being staged as a salvaged wine cooler bucket.
The lady I bought this one from gave me the idea, and she said she had seen it in Country Living magazine at some point.
Super cool!
(P.S. for those of you noticing details, I know you don't chill red's all I have on hand  ;)  )

I made some fall versions of a couple signs I did last year at Christmas.
The autumn greetings sign:

Cute for a front porch or on a mantel....

And the hand lettered glass window signs.  

These are sort of like the old transom windows you used to see in old buildings.
I thought they would be cheeky nods to Halloween.

These are hand lettered, and a labor of love.  
I enjoy making these so much.  

As I was working on them, I kept thinking how much fun it would be to learn to do the gold leafing that these windows would have really been done in.  

Lo and behold, a few days later, my October issue of Country Living arrived, and on the very last page is a guy who still does it!
I'm not sure how cost effective it would be for me to do those for fun, but it intrigues me, and I really appreciate the return to fine arts.  
Stuff like calligraphy.  Letter press.  

Finally, I have been putting together several of these little paper banners.
This is just one of several.

That's all I have time to show you.  Tomorrow morning is going to be crazy.
School picture day, which means lots of extra primping, and then trying to get to set up at a reasonable time.  My husband also just informed me he has to be on a work call at 7:30 for the new iPhone launch. *sigh*  

Wish me luck.
I hope I can get there before noon!

I will be updating my Instagram feed through the weekend, so if you'd like to see more photos of the stuff I will have there, and some of the other awesome vendors, 
you can find me under the name Pink Postcard!

(imagine that?!)