Looking back on 2012, and looking ahead

Once again, I am stunned and amazed at how quickly the year has passed.
As I look back at all the projects I completed this year, some feel like they were two years ago, rather than just a few months ago!

One of the goals I had at one point or another this past year was to improve my photography skills. 
Quality posts over quantity.

I did have fewer posts this year than in 2011.
I told myself it was ok not to post every single day or XX amount of days just to have a post up.

I realized that what I want to focus on is my best work that I can do right now.

One of my most popular pins / posts was one that shocked my socks off.

I think this post took me all of 5 minutes to photograph, 10 minutes to write up.
(normally it takes me about an hour+ , start to finish)

To date, I've had 16,000+ hits on it since it posted.
I still shake my head.

This tells me people want simple, practical ideas they can use.  
I won't be over-thinking too many projects this next year, or thinking something is too basic to share.  

The post I was most proud of?

I love the light, the composition, the photo turned out to my own approval, and it reflects how I want more of my posts to look in the future.

Our home is finally at a point where rooms are no longer empty or half done.

living room reveal

That doesn't mean tweaking won't always be done.
We moved here in May 2008.  
4+ years later....it's finally feeling done!
I'm a slow processer.  
I hope now I can focus on some really creative ideas.

One thing that really bothered me, and always has, is my lack of time to visit other blogs and comment.
I know it often seems that maybe I don't care, I'm aloof, or, as I've been called through most of my adolescent years, a "snob".

Honestly, I want to.  
But we all know how much time that eats up in our day!
Between mom and household duties, running an online shop, my local space at Aunt Bee's, needing to take care of my health by going to the gym regularly, and my face to face relationships,
well....it's tough.
I do what I can, and hope that I'm not offending.

I realized that what I love most is creating, painting, and doing the things that make my business blossom.
At this point, I'm ok with keeping things simple on my blog.
I haven't pursued a lot of the 'blog business' side of things.
So what do I want for 2013?

 Some areas I want to tackle in our home:

1.) Hannah's teen bedroom
We are going to move her to a new room with a bigger closet and a little more space. We are all super excited about this, and it's been fun to hear her ideas on how she wants to use the room, the colors and feel she wants.  Can't wait to get started on it!

2.) the Laundry room
Fresh paint, better organization, and some fun decor.
I've been pinning away ideas under my Wash Day board.

3.) the upstairs hallway
It's one of the last areas with the yucky yellow-beige walls.  
More family photos displayed creatively, and a pretty transition area.

4.) Exterior cuteness

Fourth of July porch 2012
Some charm added to the curb appeal of our house.
I have a window box we're wanting to add under a focal window, and I'd still love to replace our doorbell with something more charming than the plastic non de-script one we have now.
A small pergola over the garage door would be my pie in the sky project.

5.)  Updates to the office.
Lighter paint tones, new curtains, more organization that works for us.

....In that order!

I think it's do-able!

Now that I have a year of business under my belt, I hope I can be better at planning ahead and put my focus on some baby steps forward.

First baby step / big gulp moment:
Junk Salvation.

February 1 (evening only) and February 2.
Super nervous, super excited. It is a huge event, an hour away.  I have been hoarding and squirreling away my best pieces for this event!

I want to make more "slightly scared out of my head / should I try this" moments this year.
Otherwise, I feel I will go stagnant.
Who wants that?

My phrase this year?

Why Just Exist, When You Can Risk?

This is a phrase I am borrowing from my freshman year of college.
Our dorm had a bunch of sweatshirts with these printed up, and I love it more now than I did back then.
Risk is what makes life more fun and challenging!

My personal goals for the year 2013:

Mostly, I want to cherish every moment I have with my kiddo.

Life moves so fast, and I never want to look back and feel that I should have done more.
The same goes for Jon.

20th anniversary in Maui
As you can see from the photos, I've had 3 hair color changes this year.  Currently it is chocolate brown with blonde highlights; but I was briefly auburn (as seen in my sidebar profile pic), and then blonde for most of the year!

Finally, to wrap up~
My personal favorite posts of the year were these- you can click on each caption and it will take you to the original post:
my first upholstery project
a big project that I am still glad I tackled
the James coffee table
one of my favorite pieces I've ever done.  It is my understanding that it has since received a new makeover from the new owners, but I would do it all over again with the right piece.
French replica sign and powder room makeover
I'd like to do more signs like this to sell this next year.  There's not many signs I paint that I keep just for me- this one still makes me smile when I see it.  It was a replica of an authentic French street sign.
The powder room feels rich and romantic.  Even if it is a potty room.
the cottage bed
I had been wanting to do a vintage bed makeover for a long time.  I loved how it turned out.

oversize sheet music art
This was a Pinterest idea I had pinned.  It was my anniversary gift to Jon for our 20th.  The lyrics are from the Smith's,  There Is a Light That Never Goes Out.
Very sentimental, and I love how it turned out.  A very special gift.
the Bella Rustica dresser
I was so proud of this piece.  It was a labor of love.  I chiseled away the bad top, stained it, and painted it in a sunny yellow milk paint.  It had great distressing.
It also got a makeover from the new owner.

farmhouse front porch makeover
This is my happy place in the summer.  We use it all the time.  Reading the mail or a book, enjoying sunsets with a glass of wine.  Bella loves to jump up on the swing and take naps while we are out here.
It's a cozy spot! 
vintage dresser in MMS milk paint
I know it sounds weird, but I truly got excited painting this piece.
The distressing was amazing, and I loved every little bit of it.
It sold in 2 days!

romantic beach bedroom makeover
this has been such a long process- almost as long as the living room!
This picture shows the newest addition of the French wicker trunk.
It is a restful and peaceful room.

I feel like I've grown a ton and done a lot!

I want to thank every one of you who have vistited, commented, encouraged, and signed up to follow me here in this little corner of the web-o-sphere.

I am about to hit an important milestone on my blog, and I am very excited.
I think I need to have a big giveaway soon!

I look forward to sharing more with you over the next year.
Thanks so much for being a part of my journey here at Pink Postcard.

What are your goals for 2013?


  1. Wow- Denise-it sounds like you have grown a lot and have your priorities straight. Family first and taking care of yourself and everything else will fall into place. Blessings and Happy New Year to you- xo Diana

  2. Your blog is always such an inspiration whether you post every day or every week. Looking forward to more of your creative ideas in 2013. Happy New Year to you and your family Denise.

  3. Such a great post. Haven't really set any goals for myself this year. Can't believe it is 2013 already! (almost) Lovely family pictures. My blog posts I love never get as many views as others I think are boring :) Have a fun new year!

  4. Denise, I may pop up to Hillsboro and say hi! How exciting. I signed up for the Plucky Maidens show in March...my first "big city" show so I am pretty nervous too:)

  5. I loved looking at all the things you've done over the past year. The photo of your dining room is beautiful. I didn't blog too much over the past year...I've been aiming for quality over quantity too. Hope you have a great New Year!

  6. Just want you to know, I enjoy the pieces I've purchased from you! This Christmas when decorating I realized I have quite a few Christmas decorations you've made. They make me smile. Keep up the good work. See you in Hillsboro. Happy New Year!

  7. What a beautiful and wonderful review. I still love the bed. It has been great getting to know you and following your blog. Happy and Healthy New Year!!


  8. I just found your blog and took a quick tour....lovely, lovely! Happy to be your newest follower. Diane


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