Instagram, you make me sad

Last night as I was settling in for the evening, my husband showed me an article about some new privacy policies coming in January to Instagram.

Instagram is a photo sharing site, similar to Twitter, but in picture form.  You can take photos with the app, add filters to the photo to make them fun and artsy, add a caption and share with your followers.

I love it- it's like micro blogging, and it's an easy way for me to be social with other bloggers and followers.  (more so than being tethered to the computer!)

But, last night as I read the article on the policy changes, and new privacy terms, I felt like someone kicked me in the gut.

Beginning January 16, Instagram, which is associated with Facebook, will have the rights to all of your photos-  can sell your photos to companies to use in advertising, royalty free.
They can also use your photos on Facebook to use in their ads.

Your pictures, sold to companies, with no compensation, and no say in whether or not they can use those photos.

Let's say some of my personal photos are used in an ad campaign for something I totally abhor, or have personal moral issue with?  Photos of my daughter, who even though I have a few of her on IG, am still careful with how much exposure she has here on the blog, and on my IG account?

There is an option, but it makes me sad and sick to my stomach.

 I can download all of my photos (all 500 of them at this point) and delete my account.

I tried to look at it logically and see if there was some hidden benefit to this, but I'm not seeing it.  No compensation, they don't have to ask to use your photos, so how would I ever  know it's being used?  There's no way people would find their way back to my blog, so it's not like I'd be gaining any exposure to my site?

What do you think?  
I'd love to know your thoughts on this subject, and if you see any benefit to keeping Instagram as a blogger.
This seems like such a gross and blatant way to steal others work.

 Right now, I'm thinking my account will be deleted in the next month.

Here's the privacy policy from Instagram's site,
click here.

You can share this info with other bloggers / Instagrammers, but it's also available at the top of your Instagram feed when you log on.

*As of this afternoon, Instagram has heard the grumblings of it's users and has issued a clarification / NEW changes in its terminology of it's users content*


  1. I don't use intstagram, but I would be deleting it as well. I'm a big believer in privacy. :(

  2. It's a good thing that you read the new privacy policy. So many people are probably going to gloss over it and be surprised to find their photos no longer belong to them.

    You DO have a choice ... use their service and agree to their terms, or choose to keep your photos private and delete your account. As crappy as it is, that's the naked truth.

    Just about the time I think it's time for me to look into Instagram, this happens. Nevermind. Thanks for the warning.

  3. I've never used Instagram... but that whole taking of another's property just stinks.. Had thought about checking it out, but won't now for sure.


  4. I am sad too!!! I loved instagram...but now I don't. I am so glad you brought this to my attention, as I would have probably been one of those that didn't read the small print, or even large print. Just not right to use our images. A very sad day for Instagram. :(

  5. I found out about this earlier today. I hope that if enough people delete their accounts with Instagram they'll rethink this new policy. We probably all knew it was coming at some point. Very, very sad!!

    ~ Wendy


  6. UGh .. very sad really. They promote these products and when we use them and like them. Seems the corp greed kicks in and wants to find a way to use our works and benefit from it ....... What do I know ..Other than NOT liking it LOL

  7. I don't use it, but that is such an invasion to your privacy and your work. Facebook already does a good job of that--I quit posting photos on FB and put up as many privacy settings as I can find.


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