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I thought I'd give you a little glimpse into our home this Christmas.
I had some fun with the editing tools at PicMonkey.

I made our Christmas wreath a couple years ago out of a bicycle basket, and I still love it.  It's unique, and I can clip extra greens from our tree to fill the basket.  
A bit of ribbon and some pinecones finish it off.

In our entry, I filled the silver bowl with ornaments and tucked some holly under the arm of the statue.

Our stair case hasn't changed much over the last couple years.
I added in some rolls of sheet music,  and tied them up with baker's twine.
They are tucked into the greenery.

I already showed you the photos of our living room and our 13 foot tree!

Our secretary now has some wintry greens and pinecones in the silver bowl:

I also added a wintry nest to the terrarium:

Some vintage letters, ornaments and monogrammed julep cup are also on the table by the Beautiful Beast~

A snowy apothecary jar with pinecones and a silver ornament...

Our dining room has a few fresh touches for the holidays:

The piano also has some fun decorations that we like to put out every year.  
Our snow village is one of my husband's favorite things- he looks forward to it!
Our oversize framed sheet music now has a wreath on it.
I think I want to have one here year round.

In our family room, you already saw our mantel:

I also added a few things to our bookshelf.

Jon bought this glittery ice skate couple for me several years ago.
It makes me smile whenever I see it.

In our kitchen and nook area, we put out our fun decorations that have been collected over the years.
Some giant candy canes in the nook.

All of our little guests ask if they are real.
Yes they are real, and very stale!
I got several of these at the grocery store last year, and just wrapped them up in wax paper until I was ready to use them again this year.
They cost under 50 cents a piece, so it is a fun, inexpensive, festive touch.

The Santa is one I got at Target several years ago at their post Christmas sale.

The vintage Montgomery Ward scale is something I have for sale in my Etsy shop- why not use it while it is waiting for it's new home?

The little metal sleigh was my grandma's.
I remember it sitting on top of her TV with the same little foil wrapped presents.  I was so hopeful they were real, and holding some special, little, tiny gift.
Now, when our little guests visit, they wonder the same thing.
Maybe I should wrap some little candies in them, so they aren't disappointed!

Ever since I saw Michelle's tiny trucks towing trees last year, I have been in love.

I came across this vintage metal Jeep Tonka truck last March, and had to have it.
It's not tiny- more like 12" in length, but I love that it's red and fits a big bottle brush tree.

The red bowl is also one I got at Target a few years ago, and it always gets used this time of year.
 I filled it with Granny Smith apples.

Our chalkboard also shares the best part of Christmas~

Thanks for letting me host this little tour.

The filter I used for most of the photos is "chill" in the Winter Wonderland section of PicMonkey.
There's lots of other fun ones to try out, if you haven't already.

Have a great weekend!
I'm looking forward to date night tonight!

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  1. Your home looks like the most gorgeous Winter Wonderland!!

  2. it all looks beautiful- the staircase is my favorite!!

  3. Denise,
    You have done a wonderful job decking your halls this year...still love that basket on the door and your tree is BEAUTIFUL!!


  4. Cute idea of the bike basket filled with greens for your door.

  5. Cute idea of the bike basket filled with greens for your door.

  6. What a wonderful tour, Denise. It is just gorgeous. I love your stairway. So very many sweet touches- xo Diana

  7. Everything is so lovely & homey. You have such a great eye...

  8. I love it all, especially the bike basket "wreath"- how do you keep it from banging when opening/closing the door?? I always worry about those things

  9. Hi Jodi! Thank you so much! As far as the basket banging on the door, we never shut it hard enough for that to be a problem. ;)
    We do get a lot of wind this time of year though, so I have worried about it swaying and scratching the door surface. A small felt sticky (like you put on the bottom of a chair leg) attached to the back of the basket helps. The greens hide it, and it saves the door. Hope that helps with any concerns! thanks again!

  10. you inspire me!!! just discovered your blog and love it!! i am now hunting for my own little red truck... thanks for sharing your creativity :)

  11. Thank you for sharing your lovely holiday home with us!

  12. I like all of your Christmas touches throughout the house. Love that you used silver bowls and julep cups!

  13. Your home looks beautiful all dressed for Christmas!


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