tags, trinkets, and cones

Happy November!
It's one of my most favorite months of the year.  
I love all the traditions and a special birthday around Thanksgiving.  
Just because I'm working on Christmas stuff doesn't mean I don't appreciate everything in November.

Today was another day of getting some Christmas goodies done!

Rain showers have been going on and off again all day, so it seemed fitting to stay in and work.

I am working on a few packaged gift tags to sell in my space at Aunt Bee's as well as the holiday market coming up.

These fun red and white gift tags were just, well,  fun to make!

Can you tell what kind of color scheme I have going on this year?

Sugar pine cones with red and white ribbon, glittered and snowy looking.
I know it looks like I just did a knock off of Miss Mustard Seed's post, but I promise, I had this on my to do list 2 weeks ago!  
 We just seem to be on the same wavelength sometimes!

A French Christmas sign. 
It's going to be embellished a bit more and distressed slightly.

I've been wanting to try my hand at jewelry making for a while.  
I'm making up a few necklaces.  
Lots of trinkets and vintage fun.
We'll see how they go over!

Vintage dictionary pages will hold a theme to each one.

Hoping to get a lot more done over the weekend and this next week.

Tomorrow night I will be changing out my space at Aunt Bee's to holiday stuff-
should be fun!


  1. Those tags are just darling. Can't wait to see everything all set up- xo Diana

  2. Darling tags Denise. Looking forward to seeing your holiday booth.


  3. Miss Mustand Seed certainly isn't for first person to make glittery pine cones. I did it last year - I just don't have a blog. :) I love your blog and would actually click on your blog before MMS!! Keep up the great ideas!

  4. Looks great! When is the Mission Mill Christmas show? I loved that one and my mom said you are doing it again?

  5. You have so many fun goodies in the making. I'm so happy to hear you're creating some jewelry now. Love the pendant. I just finished a new batch of bubble pendants and necklaces too. So fun and so addicting. Great job!

  6. So cute Denise! I really like the holiday sign. Did you make a stencil for that or buy one? I love the font!

  7. I'm a new reader and love your blog. The tags are adorable. Where did you find the sweet ribbon?


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