toy trucks and more holiday goodies

Some of you probably don't like the fact that I am posting all Christmas stuff when we haven't even had Thanksgiving yet, and I would agree with you.  
But, life for me is consumed with Christmas cheer at the moment, because of getting all the stuff ready for the Holiday Faire next weekend.

Bear with me, and I hope to have some Thanksgiving posts shortly after that is done!

You can also pop over to Kristin's blog on Thursday where I will be guest posting in her
"Attitude of Gratitude" series.  :)
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It's a daily dose all through the month of guest bloggers and what we are thankful for.  
Some really amazing and inspiring stories.  
I encourage you to take a look at what has already been posted!
I have been busy sewing, painting, wrapping, and pricing all of my stuff.  It's amazing how much time it takes just to tag everything!

I was totally loving Michelle's Tiny Trucks Towing Trees last year, and I hit the jackpot over the weekend when I found a ton of vintage trucks!
(btw, Vintage Junky is still selling them in her Etsy shop this holiday season)

These will be coming with me to the market and I already have a few for sale in my room at Aunt Bee's House.
If you want to see a sampling of the haul I found, you can look on my Instagram pics!  I had a lot of fun comparing weekend finds with several other bloggy buddies.  
It was hilarious.

I also finished up my second batch of holiday table runners.
I found a new pattern that I really love.  Very French farmhouse!
(It's the linen color with white and red stripe on the bottom)

I will offer several sizes, both in shorter and longer lengths.
I also have a couple left in my Etsy shop, for those of you not in the area, or who are unable to attend next weekend.
I'll add more in after the show.

I'm also about 3/4 of the way done with the two matching hutches I picked up a couple weeks ago.

Here's the interior:

And a shot of the doors: 

Lovely chippy paint. 
 I hope to have the full reveal soon, but that will depend on my week!

These will be for sale, but I hope I get to hang onto them for a bit- I just placed an order for a line of candles I will now carry at Aunt Bee's House!
Their debut will be at the Holiday Heritage Faire.

These beautiful and simple candles are made by Harmony Farm, located in North Carolina.
I've been looking for a line to carry- these fit the look I was wanting, and they smell incredible.  

Not too strong, just a nice scent that subtly permeates the room.
They also burn really clean, with no ugly black residue on the jar.  

They all are free of dyes (which I also love) so you don't have to fall in love with a scent, but be disappointed by a color that doesn't match your decor.
I love the zinc lids too!

I will carry Pumpkin Pie, Mulled Cider, Lily of the Valley, and Wintergreen.

Lots going on this week, including a certain soon-to-be 12 year old's birthday party....
I'll check in with you again soon!
Happy Tuesday!


  1. oh how i am jealous of those trucks!!! awesome find!

  2. I have been on the hunt for some cute little trucks for the longest time! You lucky duck! And I'm in full holiday mode too - not in my home, but prepping for our holiday open house. I was making more wreaths today and almost turned on some Christmas music!

  3. Love those little trucks, They are just darling. I am doing an early Christmas post tomorrow myself! xo Diana

  4. Hi Denise, you always seem to find the perfect simple things...I always feel right at home every time I visit here! Have a wonderful week and can't wait to see the finish cabinet! Shari

  5. hi! LOVE the trucks...i want the red one with the flat bed if you still have it...i will buy it. and can't wait to see your hutches. i'm starting to look for stuff for my Market booth so I may just have to check those out when they are done. janae' :)

  6. LOVE the toy trucks! :-)

  7. Just finished reading your Attitude of Graditude guest post and am reminded once again of Gods perfect timing. It's such a bonus blessing that He saw fit to have sweet Hannah's bday so close to this season of thanks. You did a wonderful job writing your story. I am certain it will bless many.

  8. Love those trucks you already know ;)
    I feel for you with the market coming up, I know how it can be, so much darn prep! Love Erin's candles and this reminded me to get in touch with her about something...thanks! See you on instagram...

  9. The little vintage trucks hauling the trees are just so cute. Now I will be hunting for these.


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