signs of Christmas

I feel really bad that I haven't posted in almost a week!
I am up to my neck in holiday faire madness!

Mostly, I feel bad because I wanted to do a post last Thursday to let you know that I was guest posting over at Kristin's blog, for her Attitude of Gratitude series.

It has been inspiring reading some amazing stories from fellow bloggers and the things that have made each of us thankful. 
Although it's long overdue, I invite you to read my post from last week, and the others who have and will be posting until November 21.
Over the weekend, I got the two hutches finished, and worked on several fun Christmas signs.
Here's what will be coming with me to the faire:

I found this toboggan recently, and instantly knew it would make a great porch sign for Christmas.
It's actually still in great shape, if you wanted to sled with it still too!

Here's what it looked like when I found it:

Removing the ratty old padding and yellow nylon cord, it is now a fun welcome sign!

I adore old Christmas movies.
One of our favorites is "It's a Wonderful Life".

Last year I made the Bailey Bros. Building & Loan signs
and I hope to have 3 more this year.
They sold quickly, and I had special orders for more.
This year, I won't be taking any special orders.

I hate to disappoint, but I also hate having jobs hanging over my head, when I would rather be making memories with my kiddo and family!

I also have a replica of the town sign that I made:


A simple, rustic "JOY"...

I found an old piece of crusty siding, and painted a more traditional look:

I also made this one out of a big piece of barn wood:

This song always makes me weep.
My favorite carol.
I added a bit of sparkly here and there.

This is another repeat.
I'm adding more seasonal versions- these always are a hit!
This is the only one I have available as of right now- ice skates are tough to find this time of year.

I was surprised to see this on the blades as I was putting the sign together:

Is it just me, or are UK pieces easier to find??
I feel like I am magically drawn to anything from Britain!
ha ha!
Love it.

Finally, I made up this rustic welcome home wall hook sign.
I found a neat old wool scarf that I plan to stage with it.
The hooks are vintage, and I love the natural staining on the redwood.

My apologies for the lack of creative staging / so so picture quality.
 Such a busy week, and the grocery store beckons.

Here's a coupon if you plan on coming to the pre-sale soiree:

Just print it off and bring it with you to get a discount admission for Friday night only.
Saturday and Sunday are free admission!

My booth at Aunt Bee's is not looking very holiday-ish yet...
I've put a few things in that I could spare, but they are mostly gone already!

It will be stocked up next week, I promise.

I've got a few more projects to show you this week, but they will probably be short and sweet posts.
See you soon.

A huge Thank YOU to our vets on this holiday!!
You are appreciated today, and everyday!


  1. No wonder you haven't had a chance to come up for air! I love every one of your signs, and that sled is so much fun! I know your show will be loads of fun and very successful.

  2. Denise,
    What GREAT looks signs and ideas. You do a marvelous job- I can see why you sold out of your sign! xo Diana

  3. LOVE those signs Denise!! The MERRY is my favorite!

  4. Denise,
    You do such a wonderful job on your signs...I'm sure that they will all sell fast at the show.


  5. these are all fabulous!!! i have some pickets and i keep meaning to make signs.... one day!

  6. I absolutely love the Welcome to Bedford Falls sign! I love watching that movie on Christmas Eve. It's a tradition :)

  7. Great signs! Love the Christmas sled.

  8. Great signs the skate one is my favorite.

  9. O,I love the sleigh...great makeover!

  10. If that "Joy" sign doesn't sell, I NEED it for my Christmas mantel. I love it! Let me know if it happens to make back home with you & how much.

  11. Love your signs! Great job! Looks so cute on your front porch!



  12. Love all your signs, Denise! The toboggan and the one with the skates are my favorite. Probably because they are big and since we downsized I don't have room for big anymore. : )

  13. Denise I m totally in love with all of those signs but my favorite being Bedford Falls and the sleigh.

  14. What a great post I love the signs especially the one with the skates. Just great.


  15. What lovely signs! If I find an old sled or tabogan that is affordable I am so copying that for my front porch!

  16. Denise! These are all so beautiful...I could see myself using every single one in my decorating!


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