Living room reveal

It has been a really long time since I've shown any house projects!
I've been in such 'go mode' for holiday shows and business stuff, that everything else has taken a back seat!

First off, let me say that because this has been such a long process getting this room to look the way I wanted, that there will be a lot of photos.
 It's not a warning.  
I always think it's funny when bloggers 'warn' you that they have a picture heavy post....isn't that why we came?
We wanna see pretty pictures!
Warn me if it's word heavy!
ha ha!

Here's our finished room~

At long last, the Beautiful Beast is done! 
 And with the couch being done, it means a series of makeovers is also done for this room.

Here she is with all of the new pillows and cushions:

Here was the before, if you missed it:

The couch was inspired by one I saw in the June issue of Country Living magazine this past summer.  A few weeks later, I spotted one at Goodwill for a steal, and brought it home.

Trouble was, there were zero cushions.
To save money, and because there were no upholstery foam pieces big enough, I decided I would make my own.
Through a series of trial and error, I settled on 2 crib mattresses that were cut in half.  

They made perfect size seat cushions.
I wrapped them in batting, muslin, and white twill.

Next, I bought 24 x 24 pillows to add to the back cushions.
Three felt a little skimpy, so I recently added a fourth.
These are all in a linen fabric.

Because the couch is so deep, it needed extra pillows so you aren't sinking backwards when seated.
This vintage fabric pillow is from a vendor at Aunt Bee's House.  
Great farmhouse style pillow!

I can't remember what it was used for, but I love that it has an Oregon stamp on it of some kind.  There's more writing on the back.

Target had Rachel Ashwell pillows that add a nice pop of pink:

The aqua sparkle pillow tie into the color and add a little texture and bohemian vibe.

I was hoping this post would be ready yesterday, but the crown pillow took a lot of my time.
I made it out of white linen.
The crown is machine appliquéd, and the design came out of the BHG holiday special interest magazine that is out right now.

The ruffle was the most work, but it adds another bit of soft texture to all the square pillows going on.
It's a nice big comfy couch, and is a great addition to the room.

I moved the two armchairs to the dining room side.
They felt crowded in front of the windows.

I like having two mismatched chairs, and making matching pillows for both helps give a sense of cohesiveness.

One big issue I kept having with this room was what to do to fill up the large wall space behind the Beautiful Beast.

 Adding to that, I wanted to incorporate the clock made by my late grandfather.
It's pretty small for such a large room, and it felt swallowed up everywhere I put it.

I hung some plates on the wall, and the bookcase below seemed to help it have a place in the room.

The bookcase was an awesome find at a garage sale this summer.  I kept debating on whether or not to paint it, but for now, it's working for me.

I thought I'd show you this little fall table vignette before the Christmas decorations come out!
The silver pumpkin was from Michael's and it's sitting on a bed of green moss.

The vintage desk hasn't changed.
Still loving the French artwork and stacked suitcases.

I couldn't get any good photos of our other couch- the sun was too bright.
I did add the wicker Ikea trunk as a little side table.

Last but not least- I finally have my own vintage Madonna figure.
I purchased two this last spring, and about the time I was having second thoughts on selling them, they sold.
Since then, I've been on the hunt for another, and finally found one.
So pretty!
I think it is pre WWII, since it has the stamp of 'Japan' on the bottom.

There she is, in all her finished glory.

It is so nice to come into this room, and feel like it is completed and not in an in between or half done state.
I'm sure there will be tweaks here and there, but it is so nice to have this very long process wrapped up!

Looking at this photo, I can tell you that about 85% of this room was thrifted or made by me.
If you'd like to see the process this room has undergone, you can click
for all the between 'almost there' photos.

Thanks for letting me share the process!
Have a great week!
A little dining room update tomorrow.

Happy Tuesday Friends~

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  1. it looks so pretty! i love that sofa still. :)

  2. Me oh my! I LOVE your living room....
    Can I come live at your house!

    What a great find at goodwill....
    You are so amazing!

    hugs x

  3. it's really beautiful Denise, and very "you", which is what our homes ought to be! i never do ruffles on pillows because the are so time consuming and hard in my opinion...aaaarrggghhh! yours look so great!!

  4. i love this room!! so much fun and so many unique pieces to it.


  5. Denise.... IT just looks so beautiful and so well thought out !!!!!!!! I love everything and that couch is amazing that you refinished... Loved it all ...VERY INSPIRING girl ..............Have a blessed week

  6. It's stunning and you should be very proud at making or thrifting most of the room!! I remember the couch when you first brought it home and the transformation is awesome. Your grandfather's clock looks perfect.

  7. What a beautiful, beautiful room to come home to. It is just gorgeous- I love how sweetly soft it looks- xo Diana

  8. Denise
    What a beautiful room and a well done labor of love! Its gorgeous enjoy


  9. Wow, love the transformation on the sofa. Beautiful!

  10. I just love the way you can mix and match items ad yet there is a Sense of completeness and cohesiveness. You have done such a lovely job with the sofa! Wow. I am in love with it. That clock made by your grandfather looks perfect in your room. Such a great spot to for a family heirloom. Lovely, lovely room :)

  11. Your living is gorgeous! Love all your little vignettes and your attention to all of the details. I love seeing lots of pictures.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  12. your living room is so perfect! I love how you decorate! Could you please consider following each other?

  13. Wow your living room looks amazing! Gotta love a few Good Will finds!


  14. Denise, your room looks so beautiful!! I find going with lighter colored paint makes the room look so inviting. I love the cushions!!

    What a steal on the couch at the Good Will!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!


  15. Denise, your couch (and living room) look amazing! I hope I get to see you again soon. Maybe when I am over in your area this holiday season we can do coffee or tea?

  16. Oh, the sofa is so welcoming and absolutely beautiful!!

  17. Such a wonderful and beautiful room...and isn't it even greater because it's all by YOU! We are empty nester's who sold our big family home and gave away most of our furniture and rented a townhome to be nearer to our Grandchildren...needless to say they are teenagers now and have lives of their own, so we recently purchased our last home and now have no furniture for this BIG ole house. So I am just getting started and your blog really got my blood pumping...I can do this! So thrift stores our own my list now to start watching for furniture as well. Your room is gorgeous and hope I can come close!
    Crafty Hugs,

  18. Pendra, thank you so much. You made my day! You can absolutely redo beautifully with thrifted and second hand!! I can relate from the downsize to upsize- that is exactly what we did. We went from a 1600sf home to a now 2400+, so it has taken some time to fill it back up on a budget :)
    Best of luck to you and your new home, I'm honored that you were inspired by this!

  19. Serenity comes to mind as I look at your room. It is lovely and your creative talents are marvelous.

  20. Oh my! Just look at all those goodies. What a beautiful transformation. That settee is loaded with shabby chic character. Cheers to a job well done!

  21. LOVE that couch!!! All that beautiful wood detail.... The room is beautiful!


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