embellished bench

Thank you so much for all of your nice and encouraging comments on my Christmas signs!

Last month I showed you the red headboard bench I painted for the 
My Color Inspired by Pantone party.
I had ordered some embellishments to add to the back and trim but they didn't arrive in time me to show you with the reveal.

I ordered a floral spray to add to the seat back:

...and a bit of trim to the seat edge:

This red really is this bright and cheery in real life.
I didn't adjust the hue when I was editing the photos!  I did feel like my eyeballs were about to permanently see red though!

Here's a look at the new embellishments, and what it looked like a month ago, without:

So fun and simple, yet it really adds a nice finish to the look.

The wood embellishments are from Do It Yourself Chic.
They are a really unique product- they aren't wood, they are a flexible material that is paintable.

I applied wood glue to the trim, and then put them in place with painter's tape until the glue dried.
Once it was dry, I painted two coats of the Tomato Red, and it now has a charming addition to the seat back and front edge!

I didn't receive any compensation of any kind for writing this post, just sharing a product and the results I got using it.

Have you tried any of Do It Yourself Chic's products?
I love some of the crowns I saw when I was choosing pieces for this bench!
Hoping I have a project soon where I can use one of them.

Still working away at finishing stuff for the show!
I hope to get one more post in before set up on Friday.
Talk to you soon~

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  1. The trim really adds a lot - thanks for the tip on where to order - love the happy red!

  2. Really pretty bench--I love Do it yourself chic! The pillow looks nice on it. That color would look great with some Cath Kidston fabric :)!

  3. I have not heard of that product before, Denise. I love the way it added so much to your project and that color is delicious- xo Diana

  4. Oh the flowers do add so much. I have a headboard right now in my garage You have so inspired me to give it a try!!


  5. WOW love the trim and the color, great job!!


  6. Denise, You always amaze me with your beautiful work! I always look forward to your posts!

  7. I love the pieces that you added to this bench. What a difference.


  8. the trim really bumped up the style factor didn't it. I love it, plus I love the color. It's perfect for a lover of red like myself.

  9. That really makes wonderful additions to that bench! Love it!

  10. wowser....she's gorgeous!
    Bec x


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