vintage dresser in MMS Linen milk paint

I have been so anxious to try out Miss Mustard Seed's milk paint!!!

Last week when I was at Aunt Bee's restocking my space, I was getting ready to leave, and Belinda said, "Oh! I almost forgot! The paint arrived!"

{insert happy dance here}

I was so excited, and had a project piece waiting in the wings.
I chose Linen for my first color.

I'm just about out of wax, so I also picked up some to try.  
The crackle medium is something I've been wanting to test out too, so I took home a pot of that as well.
I ended up not using it on this dresser, but I have another project that I think it will be perfect for.

I am soooo in love with the wax.  
I am such a scent oriented girl- this is the best smelling furniture wax I've ever used!  
It has beeswax in it, so it has a nice, light, sweet smell.  Every time I walked through the garage after the dresser was done, I kept thinking how nice it was not to have a chemically smell trapped in there.
Super creamy, very easy to apply.

The dresser was something I picked up from a former high school classmate's family!
(thanks, Amy!!!)

It had great simple lines, dovetail joints, and was a solid piece.

The paint job wasn't great, but I kinda liked the vintage minty green.

The handle pulls had all been painted over, so I soaked them in hot water and then scrubbed the paint off with a scrubby pad.
Other than that, there were a few stains I wiped off the front.  
That's the only prep work I did, prior to painting.

I watched a couple of Miss Mustard Seed's videos on mixing the paint.
Round one, I mixed with a stir stick.
I didn't get the ratio right- too watery, and the stir stick wasn't doing it for me.
(I even tried a tiny whisk, still not to my liking)

She said you could also use an old blender to mix, so that's what I did.  
I went to Goodwill and bought a $6.99 blender.
I think I prefer that method for me!

But here's the yummy results after 2 coats of milk paint:

Do you see that scraper in the background just waiting for me after I took this shot?

Here's the after:

It's probably not the best representation of the color Linen, but I love that some of the mint is still peeking through, and the chipping is to die for!

I also distressed it a bit with my sander.

A couple times while I was working on it in the driveway, I had neighbors say how much they liked the color.  
With the Linen color over the mint, it gives it a very relaxed, beachy vibe.

I didn't even notice this cute little medallion on the drawer front until I got it home.
Now it's enhanced and a nice, simple detail.

I had so much fun working with this paint.  
I still need to work on getting my water / paint ratio perfected, but it was exciting to see how the paint reacted, and I am thrilled with the results.

I feel like it gives the true, crusty, chippy look that is hard to achieve with refinishing.

I'm looking forward to trying out some other colors soon, but I will probably finish up Linen on a cabinet that is my next victim project.

If you live in the Willamette Valley, you can find Miss Mustard Seed's paint at Aunt Bee's House.
We are carrying the full line of products, and there are a few vendors that will have furniture pieces in the shop soon for you to see the results in person.

This dresser was just delivered yesterday and is in my space at Aunt Bee's!

Happy Monday, friends!


  1. It looks fabulous!! I just ordered Luckett's Green in MMS and it came today. Can't wait to get started!

  2. It looks great! I'm visiting from Met Monday and am now a new follower!

  3. it looks beautiful! i love the green that shows through... so pretty! i just ordered her gray and boxwood and can't wait to try them! i loved the shutter gray. :)

  4. It turned out great!! What a fantastic piece!!
    Have a great day!
    ~ Cheryl

  5. Love it! I really want to try the milk paint--and thanks for telling us the wax smells good--now I want that too!

  6. Love how your piece turned out. I haven't tried MMS milk paint yet but now I want to give it a whirl.

  7. What a great dresser the fan on it is nice to.

  8. I'm dying to try the milk paint too! Love the chippy result - so authentic!

  9. Oh Wow you got great chipping! I just used the paint too and I am so in love I can't wait to use it again! love the stuff. I have grain sack waiting to be used on a huge cupboard - can't wait!

  10. wow that's absolutely beautiful. thanks so much for linking up hope you're having a great week

  11. Wow - I luv that! Your right about the beachy vibe. It's fabulous! Everything from the color to the pieces you chose to style it with is perfect. I can't wait to try my milk paint (MM of course) now. Thanks so much for the inspiration.

  12. What a great makeover! I haven't tried the paint yet!

  13. Love the look of it, especially the chipped paint. I'm in the UK and a blogger friend is now an agent and going to sell it over here, so I'm looking forward to giving it a try.
    Thanks for posting your thoughts !

  14. Love the chippy feel and the mint showing through is really pretty!

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