simple DIY necklace hangers

I am nursing a sprained back, (at least that's what the chiropractor said) so I've been laying low all week.  
Hoping it gets back to normal quickly, because I have a holiday show coming up, and I can't really afford to lay low much longer! 
: /

A couple weeks ago, I got fed up with my jewelry board.

It wasn't working for me anymore.
My necklaces have gotten bigger, heavier, and longer than a few years ago, and the simple little straight pins that were holding them on there just wasn't working.
I had more and more of them laying around the bedroom and closet until I could find a solution.

It's not fancy.
It's totally practical.
And it is working great for me!

I went to our local hardware store and picked up these hooks:

Using part of our closet's finish work, I marked off where the screws would go from the hooks.  I drilled pilot holes, and then screwed in each bracket.

Now I have a super sturdy, organized way to see and store my necklaces.

If I need to add more hooks in the future (I'm pretty sure I will!)
I plan on adding in some smaller cup hooks between the larger ones here.
A simple way to add more storage for everyday stuff!


  1. Hi Denise
    I really think thats a great idea, my jewels are quite heavy as well. I love how clean and fresh it looks! Great idea. Have a wonderful weekend


  2. Very pretty! I love seeing jewelry on display.. it's a little glimpse into one's personality. Love that your used "octopus" hooks too:)

  3. Pretty and functional - and they are spread apart, too, so they won't tangle as easily!

  4. Really super idea. I like it very much.


  5. That was a great idea. Now you can see what all you have and it looks neat and tidy. I am fast approaching the need to do something better with mine - I love jewelry!

  6. Saw your comment on Bella Dreams today mentioning that you too had seen her comment left on another's blog.... I see that you live in Salem, OR and just want to play the name game:

    Any chance you know the Skillern Family?

    Now I'll go back and read this post! :-)


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