My Color Inspired by Pantone paint party!

Good morning!
I teased you all last week with "all of the furniture projects" I was working on.  
Today is the day.  

Welcome to the My Color inspired by Pantone Paint Party!

Those of us who are participating in today's party are all posting at 12 pm EST, (9 am PST).

I have three projects to show you, and then you can also visit the other blogs in the party for even more inspiration.

If you’d like a chance to win a sample of MyColor™ inspired by Pantone® for your own project, simply comment on my post and share how you’d use MyColor™ inspired by Pantone® in your next project! Feel free to comment on the other blogs in the party too – they’ll all be giving away samples! For a second chance to win, tweet your project ideas to @MyColorPaints using hashtag #PassItOn. Also check out and like the MyColor™ inspired by Pantone® Facebook page to get access to the schedule for today’s parties as well as the rest of the parties going on this month! Share your project ideas there for one more chance to win!

Five other bloggers and myself have been busy putting together a little portfolio of projects; all revealed today.

If you are joining the little tour / blog hop, this is stop #4 of the tour.

I stepped out of my usual paint color selections- one that was in line with what I would usually pick, and then 2 other "just fun" colors.

Whitecap Gray, Tomato and Classic Blue.

I love the plastic containers for the paint.  
It was easy to seal them back up when I was done using them (no hammer required).

It is also touted as low VOC, and even though I was working on these in the garage and outside, I did the nose test, and it was very low on my scent meter.

I couldn't wait to get started.
My projects were a side table, a headboard bench, and a child size rocking chair (which missed getting a before photo).

The side table got prepped with a light sanding to remove surface scratches.

The paints are self priming, and I did a little test.
I did not prime one of the pieces, but two of them I did-
the bench and the rocker both got a quick coat of spray primer.

First up was the little side table.  
Initially I thought I might go bold and do this in the Classic Blue, but in the end, I just could not pull the trigger.

I chose Whitecap Gray for this one.

I love the richness of this color!  
So fantastic.

I could see myself doing several pieces in this for the future.
The paint was very thick, and seemed like good quality stuff.
(I should mention that I used a brush on all three pieces)

Since this was the only piece I did not prime first (out of the three projects), I was pretty impressed with the coverage.

The side table was looking good after 3 coats.
I distressed it just a bit, and then waxed it in clear wax.
If you have never waxed furniture before, it simply involves using a brush (like a simple chip brush) or rag to apply a thin layer of clear wax to the surface of the painted piece, and then buffing it out with a clean rag.  There are several choices of furniture wax.
Most can be found in any home improvement store.

Waxing always gives the piece a nice buttery softness to the finish, seals and protects it, and no yellowing (like polyurethane will do over time.)

Next up was the headboard bench!

My dad helped me put this together. 
Much easier with the power tools for this one (vs. our first headboard bench project)
but I had my dad helping with the engineering side of things. 
I cherish the memories of working together on projects.
Trying to retain all the info I learn along the way.... ha ha!

 I really wanted to have a step by step tutorial for you, but it was put together in his shop, and I didn't want to slow down the process by stopping to take pics along the way.

In a nutshell, the headboard was one piece, and then we simply built a support (under the lip of the headboard), and made a "box" to support the seat.  The curvy legs were once a single piece of wood- it was a baluster that I cut in half!  Using wood glue and a nail gun, we secured the legs to the corners or the seat.
Keys to this project- patience; measure twice, cut once; and some general carpentry knowledge of how things go together.
Each headboard bench is a new experience in the building process, since each headboard is unique and you have different elements to work around / with.

If I'm being honest here, I have to say Tomato, in all of it's glorious color, was the most difficult for coverage.  
Red always requires several coats of paint- regardless of what you are painting.
I say this from experience after painting our entire master bedroom dark red several years ago.
The bench took four coats of the Tomato red. (plus the initial coat of spray primer)

It was also fun to see the color transform- when I put the first coat on, it went on looking VERY pink- hot pink- but as it dried, it went darker, and richer.

It still could use some touching up- but there wasn't enough time for me to do it from the time I started these projects, allowing for enough dry time between, and prepping for the photo shoot.

The color in these paints is absolutely as gorgeous as the photos make them look.
 I didn't enhance these- it really is the color you see here.

I have some decorative embellishments that will be added later to the bench, but they didn't arrive in time to be shown today.
Update later!

Finally, the little vintage rocking chair got a fun pop of Classic Blue.

A light coat of spray primer, two coats of paint, and a bit of distressing.

Love the color!

The clean up was super easy- all washed up very quickly with soap and water.

These were such fun projects to complete.  
I was really impressed with the "sample"sizes My Color inspired by Pantone provided!
My expectation before they arrived was that they would truly be sample sized pots, but these were a generous quart size.

Thank you so much, My Color inspired by Pantone, for allowing me the opportunity to try these out!

How about you?  

There's 3 chances for you to win your own free sample.
1.) Comment here on my blog sharing what project and color you would like to complete using My Color

2.) For a second entry, Tweet @mycolorpaints using the hashtag #PassItOn, again with your color choice and the project you'd do.  Let me know in a separate comment that you did so.

3.) For a third entry, Like the My Color inspired by Pantone page on Facebook, and leave me another comment telling me you did!

You can view the color samples by clicking here.

I will be selecting one random winner from the comments from today's post!
You will be notified by email and on my FB page, so make sure you have one available for me to contact you with.
Winner will be able to select 3 color choices.
Your name and mailing information will be passed on to the My Color representative who will send your color choices to you.

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 Disclosure: My Color inspired by Pantone reached out to me to participate in the My Color inspired by Pantone painting party. My post represents my honest experience with My Color inspired by Pantone Paint.  I was not paid for my post or answers here, but I did receive My Color inspired by Pantone paint to use for this project.



  1. that tomato color is awesome! SO fun! my project is coming next week... i feel like a slacker! i only have one piece! :)

  2. I probably would have never thought to pick these colors but the turned out amazing!!! love the headboard bench.

  3. I love the tomato colour!! All your projects turned out lovely.
    What a wonderful party/contest! It's great that it's open to Canadians, too!! I've visited their website, Facebook and been tweeting. Thanks for the opportunity!
    I have to paint the furniture and some decor in the guest room and I would love to do it using Slate Green, Whitecap Grey and Goat.
    Debbie :)

  4. I have that blue I am about to use and need a red too. I'm gonna check tomato out. It looks like a nice shade!

  5. I really like how you used your paint. I have a few different roadside finds I need to fix up. I think I would choose glass green, blue haze, and gardenia.

  6. I came to the computer and just HAD to get busy writing blog posts. Instead, I just took a tour of all of you paint party-ers!!:) What fun it was to see all your creative projects. I've hopped on over to Pantone and checked out all their beautiful colors. My 3 favorites are (I think!): skylight, bruschetta, and blue haze. The projects I'm contemplating involve fabric, stencils, and paint...and would hopefully turn into beautiful drapes and throw pillows!!:)Rita Joy from

  7. You tackled a lot, Denise! They all look great!

    shannon berrey design

  8. Wow! LOVE everything you did! So inspiring - I'm ready to makeover some of the furniture around my house now. Great color choices too :) xo - Julie

  9. I am enjoying this contest and seeing all the projects you all have created. Great pieces! Thanks for the critique on the paints too. Sure sounds like a terrific product--I am hoping my local stores start carrying this soon.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Wow, more paint selections. I'm interested and want to try some. Kinda like that Tomato, I'm into the reds right now. Let me know how I can buy some paint! Winning would be even better. Chat soon!

  12. I love a paint that requires no priming! I do need to try this! I love the goat pearl color. I have two projects that need some love, a small shelf 3 tier shelf and a phone stand table. Would love to win a sample.

  13. Love all your projects, especially the bench!! ~Deanna

  14. That tomato red is amazing! Your bench looks great. What a great giveaway. I'm excited it's open to Canadians. Popping over from Simply Vintageous. I'm going to be redecorating my guest room with blues and grays with gold accents so I'd like the Medievel Blue, Goat, and Nugget. Thanks.
    Tuula :)

  15. What bright, happy colors, Denise! I love the way you used them! I would love to try Renaissance Rose on a vintage vanity table just waiting for some TLC in my basement. :) Thanks for the opportunity to win some great paint! :)

    xoxo laurie

  16. Hi Denise - LOVE your makeovers - you and I both chose to do 3 separate pieces ( suckers for punishment lol ) this was such a fun party to be a part of!

  17. I have some owl bookends that I would paint the color Carrot.


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