farmhouse table and chairs

Thank you so much to those of you who visited my blog, and found me this weekend!  I haven't had time to visit with all of you yet, but I hope to today.
I finally feel like I got caught up over the weekend after a whirlwind week.
 I was so exhausted by Friday, I had double twitchy eyes.
Not attractive.

One of the projects I was working on, was a little farmhouse dining set.
It drives me nuts when I don't have time to get a staged photo of a piece of furniture.  
Attempting to take photos after I bring something down to the shop feels like a covert photo op in a tiny space.

But, it happens.

I found this table with casters a couple weeks ago, and was pretty excited.

It's been a few months since I've done a table and chairs.
Truth be told, I had two individual chairs that haven't sold in awhile, so I paired them up with the table for a mismatched dining set.

The table has drop down sides so it can become quite compact with them folded  down.  Opened up, it makes a nice size table for a four seater.
The table top was really beautiful, and I considered leaving it as is- but in the end, I sanded it down and restained it.
It has a really rich look, while retaining the character and age.

 Since the top had a nice rustic feel to it, I just painted the legs in a creamy white (ASCP Old White) for a finished look.  

Everything got a bit of distressing and a coat of clear wax.  

The chair seats were all recovered in natural fabric, and then I made my own stencils and created some European faux grainsack- look seats.

It's a fun look, and I really loved the results.  
I know it's hard to get a good look at everything, but hopefully the highlights shown here give you an idea.

Last Thursday, I spent a chunk of the morning in my space "cozying" it up.  
I had a great conversation with the Belinda, the owner, and got some good ideas on making my room distinctive and warm.

A suspended vintage window screen is draped in burlap, lights, and berry branches.

I also added in a shabby vintage shutter over one of the doorways to my room.

Everything is very warm and cozy for fall.

On a couple side notes, I wanted to let you know of a fun blog hop I will be a part of in a couple weeks!
Wednesday, October 10, you can see three projects I have completed using My Color Inspired by Pantone Paint.
I am super excited.

Speaking of color, I went for a dramatic change myself over the weekend.

It may not seem very dramatic looking at my profile picture here on the blog, but I was blonde over the summer.  This year I've gone from auburn, to blonde, and now, brunette!
I really like the fun change.

If you know me at all, the hair I've sported over the years has had it's drastic changes.
Don't be alarmed.  ;)
In a few months it will probably be something completely different!
Thank you so much to my friend Michele at Salon 554!
You rock!

Have a great Monday, and Happy first day of October!!


  1. oh Denise, you're adorable no matter what hair color!! Great table and chairs and I love the fun way you've Fallified your space!

  2. I like it. perfect change for fall! you look great!

  3. Lindas essa mesa e as cadeiras maravilhosa. Ficou bonita morena. Eu pintei uns fios do cabelo de loira, mas jã mudei para morena, arrebentam, tive até que cortar o cabelo.
    Tenha uma ótima semana.

  4. Love the table and chairs, your space and your hair my dear! You certainly out-did yourself this weekend! Now, kick back and relax a bit! You've earned it! Your booth looks SO nice and ready for Fall! I am sure this month will be stellar for you! Now, I need to know how you make your own stencils!
    Have a great day my friend!

  5. Great table and chair set! Your space looks wonderful! Your hair looks great; what a lovely change for Fall!

  6. Denise,
    How funny...I also had a little hair color change over the weekend too:) Yours looks GREAT!! The table and chairs are a perfect match and wonderful idea how you used that old window scree.


  7. Lots of fun changes! Your hair looks wonderful, but it did before too:-) Isn't it fun to change things up once in a while? Love what you did with the table and chairs and I'm glad you didn't paint the top; it has such a pretty grain.

  8. Your hair looks wonderful and so does the table:)

  9. The table looks wonderful! I really like the darker top with the lighter legs.

    You look adorable, Denise, in your new hair color! I just changed mine to a dark auburn with a few highlights. I love changing it up, but I do it myself -- it doesn't always turn out so!

  10. Denise I love the new table and chairs. I needed some inspiration. I am working on a set myself. Your hair looks fabulous!

  11. Just a great set of table and chairs. They are beautiful


  12. You look stunningly beautiful. You look very young. Thanks for posting. I love reading your blog.

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  13. Your space is lovely! I love the suspended screan and shutter.
    I LOVE your hair! Isn't hair color so much fun? Over the summer I had my stylist do a bunch of highlights and lightened it up quite a bit. Just recently I went back and had it dark colored all over - so fun to have dark hair again! The change is just so much fun!

  14. LOVE the table and chairs - good color choice on the table - oh, and on your hair too!!!

  15. The table is a beauty and your hair is gorgeous. Taking a little break but will be back in the swing of things next week =) Hope you are well my friend.

  16. Love your space! The hanging window is perfect. It it weren't that our ceilings are 24+ feet, I may try that.
    Our building is a late 1800 model.

    Love yours!


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