a cushion for the Beautiful Beast and a thank you

I've had my hands on several projects this week.
A few furniture pieces that I will reveal next week, but also a project for our house.

Stuff for us- for our home- never seems to get completed in three easy steps. 
So here's the quick review.

In the June issue of Country Living magazine, I fell in love with a room that was featured.

via Country Living.com
The couple had a large, wooden, cane back couch, and I thought it looked awesome.
About a week later, I found a similar one at Goodwill!
(**update: I finally found out that this beautiful couch can be found at their blog! Crisp Interiors)

Holy smokes!
It was enormous.

That's a lot of oak.

But at the price of  $59.99, and wanting additional seating to round out the room, it was tough to pass up.
Even with the cushions missing.

We hauled it home, and I set off to paint it.
I used Old White in ASCP, and just clear wax.

Since June, it has been sitting in the living room, relatively in the same state.
One weekend in August, I got the ok to get some cushions.
I was all over that like Bella on a cookie.

First off, I tried some oversized (30x30) pillows.  It worked in theory, but when I got them home, they were too short - the curve of the pillows ate up some of the measurements.

On to the more expensive, and traditional option- upholstery foam.
Except that we are dealing with the Beautiful Beast.

The seat area measures 82" x 25" and I needed  5" thick- (in stock/ in store) upholstery foam slabs only come in the size of 24" x 72".
 Clearly deleted the traditional option.

As I was beginning to despair, I discovered something.

Crib mattresses.

Here's the thing:
They were the perfect depth, and since they were crib mattresses, I figured I could use my electric meat slicer / turned foam cutter and cut two to fit the length!
Crib mattresses are also covered in vinyl, so I was not worried about purchasing these from a thrift shop.
No stains, no worries of bedbugs.
I paid a total of $31.

Except, when I cut it open, I discovered there was a lot more to crib mattresses than I originally thought.

Metal springs.

We cut through them with wire cutters,  got them to the size needed, and it fit great.
While we figured out the next step, I wrapped the cushions in a big quilt my grandma made years ago.

I would have been happy leaving it this way, but Jon was not thrilled with the look.
(And after seeing this picture, I agree.  In fairness, this isn't how it had been looking all those weeks...) but it wouldn't hold up well.)

Finally this week, I got some batting and wrapped the top of the cushion, so it would have a nice rounded look and keep all the inards in place.

Then I got sneaky and cheated.

I used a length of muslin, and a length of upholstery twill.
I pulled both together tightly around the batting (muslin on the bottom, and twill on top) and simply safety pinned it on the underside.

This is a room that in the olden days would have been called a parlor.
You know, the kind that looks pretty, but is really just there for extra guest seating.
So I am not worried about little kids using it as a trampoline, or college kids wrastling around on it.
(I like wrastle instead of wrestle)

Just sitting.
The first person who tried it out when it was quilt wrapped, was a friend's 9 year old.
 It's so big and comfy she took a nap on it.
yeah, that kind of couch.

So I don't mind cheating.

I love how this is coming together.
My goal for the living room is to have an eclectic, shabby chic, bohemian feel.

Over the next few days I hope to get some pillows made / purchased for it.
Like I said, it's pretty deep, so a double layer of pillows to make it comfortable to sit is necessary.

You may have noticed a new look to my blog.
I wanted to say thank you to Kristin of Simply Klassic Design for the makeover!
I love the new background and the clean, professional, touch it has now.
Love it!!

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  1. So pretty! I love it! That inspiration picture makes me want to redo my living room!

  2. Why is it that upholstery foam is so expensive? I never understand that. Your room is looking lovely! Love the cane on that couch. Your blog looks beautiful!

  3. That is very fascinating, You’re a very skilled blogger. I’ve joined your feed and look ahead to in the hunt for more of your wonderful post. Also, I have shared your site in my social networks

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  4. I so want one of those for our porch yours is lovely.

  5. WOW! That's quite a journey but lots of us would have done the same. It's great and I admire your spunk. The pillows will be the crowning touch.

  6. Great job of thinking outside the box! IKEA has feather pillow forms - 20x20 for 6.99. You could use several of those and make covers for them for the back of your couch. Unless they need to be bigger than 20x20 :)

  7. I just love that sofa! What a gorgeous piece it is. Why can't I ever find great stuff like that at the GW? Love it!!


  8. Wow ~ you had quite a time with this piece, but worth all the effort. It looks great~!
    I am looking forward to seeing more ~ I am your newest follower

  9. I love it! What a clever idea to use a crib mattress. It looks so much like the frame in the magazine picture; you could have searched for years and not found something so perfect.

  10. l've really enjoyed reading through your blog today...fantastic sofa transformation, love the cot mattress idea, all on such a small

  11. Very neat! What a great transformation. Looks like it was worth all the work.

  12. Cane furniture is my favorite--- I love it, too. You scored a number on that sofa! I have been looking for one myself!

  13. Gosh what a massive, beautiful piece! Love how you got creative to make it work.

    Great job!

  14. What a difference in the brown and now beautiful white.. the muslin and crib mattress looks perfect in place..

  15. I love your couch! It looks so comfy and pretty and what a journey! Won't you share at my party Totally Transformed Tuesday? I know my readers would love to see. http://pjhdesignsoneofakind.blogspot.com Hope to see you there. :-) Peggy


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