vintage buttons

Yesterday was Hannah's first day of middle school (!).
Everything went well, and I survived. 
ha ha!
She did too, but I knew she would.
Being an only child, she loves school and being around lots of kids, so she was looking forward to it!

All of my apprehensions~
(will she have someone to sit with at lunch? Nice friends in her classes?) 
were put to rest.
Big sigh of relief.

After I dropped her off, I ran several errands.
I did not plan on stopping in at one of my favorite consignment stores though.  
It just lured me over.

One of my favorite finds of the day, was an aqua mason jar filled with vintage buttons!
Double bonus!!

What is it about buttons?  
I've loved inspecting and running my fingers over them ever since I was a little girl.

I took them out of the mason jar, and started sorting them by color.

I kept thinking, I am really OCD, or super organized.....

The more I sorted through, the better it got.






Each one with some kind of history behind it.

A baby outfit.
A fancy dress for a special occasion.
An outdoor coat with the hint of cold mornings.
A peek into decade fashions.

I will be bagging these into simple packaging and selling them at the Deepwood Market.

My own stash from my grandmother is in safe keeping.
You can read about that post here.

I found several other great treasures yesterday.

Any good stuff for you recently?  
Do you love vintage buttons as much as I do?
(or am I just a wacko?)


  1. such a neat assortment. are you doing a mulit colored small package? i might like something like that in the 8-10 dollar range.

  2. What is it about these little jewels that gets our heart pumping? I love sorting through buttons! Yours are all so much fun, but my favorites are the little flowers.


  3. that was a good find my dear

    I would love to have everyone of those buttons

  4. I love buttons too! My friend makes gorgeous button bracelets out of vintage buttons. You can never have too many buttons!

  5. hi Denise - I love big jars of buttons. looks like you've got some great ones there. so glad your little one went well at school
    cheers fiona

  6. I am a button lover,too. I have a collection with old and buttons and they are all sorted by colour. I could stare at them for hours- in fact, so could my daughter!

  7. Vintage buttons are a weakness of mine. Anything vintage that remotely hints at a sewing theme is a bit of a weakness for me! you found a real treasure - if I'd been around you would have had to fight me for it - LOL!

  8. My great grandma had a jar of buttons and I used to play with them as a little girl, what a great memory you brought up for me . I wish I was closer I would be the whole thing !!

  9. Oh yes...I love them too! I have some from many years ago...need to get them back out.


  10. I love buttons, as well! I don't like to admit it, but every time we played "Button, Button, Who's Got The Button" in school, it took every ounce of my honesty not to plunge my hand into the bucket of buttons and take a few! You really lucked out with that find. :)


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