shabby chic mirror

It has been a whirlwind few days here, since I last posted!!

So much going on trying to get ready for the Deepwood Vintage Market, and then of course, when you are busy, life has a way of throwing a bump in the road....

My little furry companion, Bella, got sick shortly after my last post was written, and I had to take her into the vet first thing Friday morning.

She was so sick, and I was very worried about her.  
Turns out, she had pancreatitis.

It is pretty scary when you read the seriousness of it.
I'm glad we were able to get her in ASAP and get some meds going.  She is doing great now, but we are putting her on a strict, dog food only diet.
So hard to resist the furry little face in the kitchen!
On Saturday, I went to a massive, neighborhood wide sale.
My goal was to find several small items to take with me this weekend.

About half way through the morning, I stumbled on this:

No price tag that I could see, so I asked the lady how much for the mirror?

Ten dollars.

I ever so calmly said, "Ok, I'll take it." 
The reality was, I wanted to scream, hand her the $10 and run to my car to load it up!

One thing I noticed right off the bat, and fell in love with, was the cracked frame.

I know some people would see this as a flaw, but for me it's a bonus.
More charm!
I saw a couple other mirrors similar to this one {later in the day} for $125!!

It's now hanging in our entry way.

I've been wanting to redo the entry a bit, so this was the perfect way to start.
I still have some other ideas for this spot, but for now, the mirror will do.

Like I said, lots to get ready for the market this weekend.
Have I been working away on a fall tabletop vignette like everyone else?


And this is even more cleaned up /organized than a couple days ago!
Once the weekend is over, I have some fun fall decor to share.

But for now, I have Donna Summer's song running through my head...
"...she works hard for the money, so hard for ya honey..."

Hope your week is off to a great start!

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  1. Poor Bella! I hope she is on the mend now. Love your new mirror. What a find and so cheap, too. Sounds like you are a busy, busy girl.


  2. Oh, I'm so happy to here that your sweet Bella is doing better now.
    I sure can relate to how much time it takes to get ready for these shows. My family thinks I live in the garage now, but it all gets done. Love that mirror and the cracks make it even better.

  3. First of all, so sorry Bella got sick and glad she is getting better! Makes me think twice about giving my dogs "snacks" --I don't need vet bills! Thanks for telling about that!

    I love that mirror--I would have had a hard time not jumping up and down. What a deal!

    Just love your dining chair covers too:)

  4. that mirror is awesome and it looks amazing over that dresser!
    and glad bella is on the mend!

  5. Awesome deal on that beautiful mirror, and I hope you have a wonderful show this weekend. Thanks for sharing at my party...always good to see ya here.


  6. What a lucky find! Gorgeous mirror.

    I hope your little pooch gets back to her old self very soon!

  7. love the mirror! And so sorry to hear about Bella, we just got a french bulldog and decided that we would not give her any people food. and after reading your story im glad we made that decision.

  8. Wow - great find and great price - you lucky girl! So glad Bella is feeling better!

  9. Oh poor Bella.....I'm sorry :( Love the mirror, so very pretty

  10. Bella is soooo cute! I have a puggle and love her to pieces. Here she is if you want to see her. I hope Bella is better!

  11. LOL - all I could picture was the IKEA commercial " start the car "
    ( my favorite ad of all time )
    What a great find - it's gorgeous and I just love the dresser it's hanging over!

  12. Lovely mirror at a great price! I love bargains and you got a really great one! take care, Darlene

  13. I just found your blog today and love it, can't wait to get to know you better :) Hope your dog is doing better. I have a boxer named Paris and she has the same thing and can only eat special food and nothing else, it is very scary when they are sick like that. That mirror is beautiful and what a great deal!!

    Sweet Peas


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