slipcovered chair for the living room

Remember when you were in school and you had a test you were pretty much prepared for, but you kept procrastinating on studying?  That's how this slipcovered chair came together.

One more piece for our living room- done.  I have a few other things going on in here, and I hope to have an update soon.  For now, just the chair to show you.

I had planned on making this a tutorial, but when it came time to do the chair back, it was a lot of thinking and doing in the moment, so I really don't have a complete lesson to give.  Also, I don't feel like it's a home run - I'd rather give a slipcover tutorial when I have a better grasp on it!

(she has a little muffin top hanging out the side... 
one of the things I need to work on for future projects!)

The chair had great lines to it, and I was able to purchase it from another vendor at Aunt Bee's House who was selling at a weekend flea market.  (thanks Mona!)
Here's the look before in all of it's golden goodness:

I painted the frame in ASCP Old White, and then distressed and used both clear and dark wax on it.  I just love the feel of the arms- like buttah.

The seat cover was really pretty easy- a nice flouncy skirt all around.

Some buttons to attach under the arms:

I think she looks really pretty next to her friend - the upholstered chair I worked on a few months ago.
In some ways that one was easier than this one!  Working around the arms on the new one was a challenge!

Two slightly mismatched chairs for the living room.  
I plan on making some matching pillows for them this week.

I'm off to work on some more projects!


  1. Oh pretty! I love the ruffles! I have a gold chair just like that in my garage. A friend gave it to me after she procrastinated on it. Now it's my turn to procrastinate! I think I need a very, very detailed tutorial! Or a really sweet friend like you to cover it for me!

  2. This is so pretty - the ruffles are the perfect touch!!!

  3. Very pretty Denise!! I love that other chair too!

  4. That is a pretty slip cover. Good the buttons.

  5. I just love what you do to the chairs. And,LOL!!!! The muffin top comment really cracked me up!


  6. First time at you blog, so fine pictures. i'm come back.
    Anajá Schmitz

  7. So lovely! I have a chair much like this but have put off slip-covering it because of the arms. Your idea with the buttons is genius! Now, I can start on mine!

  8. The slipcover looks so pretty--and I love that little pink desk. What color pink is that? It is so appealing.

  9. Densie those turned out fabulous! I need to learn to make covers. We have some chairs I would love to change up but not really change um.


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