Photo a Day Challenge- August wrap up

Oh my.  
I am so sad this is the last day of August.  Summer just goes way too fast around here, but this one seemed to go by with break neck speed.

Since it is the last day of August, I thought I would show you my favorite Instagram pics from the Photo a Day challenge I am participating in with Fat Mum Slim
(and a whole bunch of other Instagrammers....)

I'm not gonna lie- August was a tough list!  There were a few days I couldn't think of what to do with the word, so I skipped!
But this is all about FUN, not pressure.  So no biggie.

Here's the personal favorites, with the day and word prompt in the caption:

Day 2: One

Day 4: somewhere you sat

Day 8: glasses

Day 15: ready

Day 17: faces

Day 21: cool
Day 28: clock

September's list is already posted on Chantelle's webpage, so if you'd like to participate, you can click over there to read what the prompts are and find other Photo a Day particpants through the hashtags we use for each day!

Hope your August was fun filled, and that summer was full of good memories!


  1. Love the clock on day 28.
    I don't know what it is about clocks but I do like them.
    Have a nice day.

  2. What a fun way to connect with people. Your images are fantastic!


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