packaging and branding your business

I am so thrilled to have some beautiful new stickers to use for my packaging!

In just a couple weeks, I will be participating in the Deepwood Vintage Market.  I wanted to have something to put on the market bags that was cute and would help my customers remember where their purchase came from. 

My wonderful designer, Megan of Red Pearl Designs, helped me create these:

I love the unique shape, and that it includes my webpage.
(did you also notice that I switched to a dot com?)

 Everything I use now has my logo (branding) on it.  
Business cards, sales tags, even my watermark on all my photos.

With Pinterest and social media, I also watermark all my Etsy photos- you never know where it will end up, and if someone will find you through that source!

The stickers came in this handy little tin. 
 It's great for keeping them safe until I need to use them, and small enough for me to toss in my purse or pricing bag when I am out and about.

I also will use these as my packaging for my Etsy sales:

Much prettier than then invisible tape I was using!

I also started a new board on Pinterest- creative packaging.  

I am always incredibly impressed by Anthropologie's packaging, and the amount of thought, creativity and care that they put into the smallest details.
Cute gift card pouches, invoice envelopes, sales bags.  

I am making more effort to slow down, craft my product, and be proud of each and every aspect.

Thank you once again Megan, for the beautiful job!

If you'd like to see the amazing project Megan has been working on, you can click here to see on her blog. (hint, he's due in September!)
Her work is stunning, and I am so proud to partner with her.

Before another day goes by, and I forget to post the info again, here's the postcard info on the market!
Mark your calendars!  

I will post updates of items I will be taking with me to the market as time allows.  
It is sneaking up fast!!

If you want first dibs on items and a fun night out, 
be sure to purchase your tickets for the evening soiree.  

I will be offering a special coupon to all my Facebook fans shortly before the show.  


  1. The new stickers look great on your bags and packaging!! I'm glad you will get good use out of them =) I know your customers will love the special touch!

  2. love the stickers...and how much you are really into this. maybe someday when my two boys are in school, i can start my home design business.

  3. Your stickers are just darling! Details like this make all the difference!

  4. LOVE the design of your stickers!

  5. I LOVE your new stickers! I'm going to get some for Market. I have a consultation with Megan today! I'm so excited.

  6. Love your stickers! Packaging makes all the difference.

  7. I agree cute fun packaging is the best! I want to get some stickers myself and also some coordinating thank you cards to include with etsy sales.

  8. Denise! I love them, they look wonderful. How exciting!

  9. love your blog!!!!!!!!


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