shields, glamping, and a faux deer mount

Anytime I see an interesting piece of wood for signs, I just can't resist.
Back in April, I went to an estate sale and found some unfinished wood shields.

I finished them this week.  One is for us:

...the other two, I plan to sell.

I found the plaster deer head at Goodwill.
I was so excited because I knew exactly where I'd use this guy.

A coat of spray primer, and then mounted to one of the three shields:

I thought I would leave it all white, but when I hung it up, it just disappeared in the spot where it would be hanging.  So I edged the shield in black, and mod podged some French book pages to the background.

In it's new spot.
The living room!

The other shields got a more literal artistic translation:

I thought these would be so fun in a kids' playroom or bedroom.

I just listed these in my Etsy shop!

Next, I found these two pieces of wood while I was thrifting.
I think they are actually pieces from a grill- the kind that have the slatted wood side "table"?
Anyway, they were perfectly weathered, so why not?

I added some scrap wood to the back to keep the pieces together, used a fancy font for 'Glamping', and then used some metal stars to embellish from another project!
How fun would this be at a campsite??
(or if you're really not into camping, how about at your cabin?!)

It's been fun working on these!
I've got lots more projects to wrap up this week!
Stay tuned!

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  1. truck loans

    Cute finds you have there. Especially those antler heads. Are those real or just imitations?

  2. I love this deer head!! I am obsessed with antlers!

  3. Love it! We once had a fireplace between the living and dining rooms. You could see both sides from the entryway. Hubby wanted to put a deer head on one side and on the other so it would look like he had run into the fireplace and gotten stuck. Thank goodness we couldn't find a cooperative deer!


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