here she goes again...

I don't even know what to say.  I almost feel like I need to start out super enthusiastic, or apologize.

Our living room has changed again.

{rolling eyes *smirk*}

When I posted our house tour, I mentioned that it was interesting to see our home through the lens of a camera.  I still say that this is one of the best tricks to see where you can tweak things in your home.  Sometimes you get so used to see something on a day to day basis, it gives you a new set of eyes to see through.
So here's the new layout:

Now we have maximized our seating, created a great conversation area, it feels cozy, and I've tweaked some of the accessories.

I also have two furniture projects now.

First, the Beautiful Beast.  We bought this oak couch frame from Goodwill for about $60 last month.  It was missing the cushions, so that's why it was such a great deal.  I also realized that replacing the cushions would be more expensive than the couch itself.  It's painted, distressed, and waxed, and now I'm waiting for a 40 or 50% off sale to get cushions!
Isn't she a beauty though?  


After, before cushions:

One thing that caught my eye in the last month was the lack of symmetry in here.  It's a difficult room to decorate with only one real wall, a wall of windows, and a column to work around.
The curtains started to bother me that they were too high- so we lowered them slightly to create a virtual  line / ceiling height.

Before: too low
(oh my. We've come a long way.)

Before: too high


Now the curtain rod is at the same height as the entry wall, and the top of the artwork.

I also picked up this chair at a flea market in May.  I got a great deal on it ($12 - thanks Mona!) and had plans to reupholster and sell it.  I love the lines on it:

With the new layout, I didn't want our other chair hangin' out by itself, so I paired it up with this one.
I think it works great!  Now for some paint and a pretty white slipcover!

I restyled the coffee table:

Moved a few pieces around to other rooms:

And now on to the finish.
*I am excited to get the Beautiful Beast cushioned.
*Update the side chair.
*And add in some character accessories.

This clock that was made by my grandfather, has had a difficult time finding a proper home here.

 It's so small, it gets swallowed up on our large walls.  I am hoping to find a pretty little vintage cabinet to put in this spot, hopefully one that will work with the clock.  I'm running out of options as to where to put it.

 Thanks for humoring me on another change.
 I'm off to get some work done on the chair!

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  1. It's amazing what those small changes did!! And that couch is wonderful!

  2. Looks so charming and that beast was a super duper deal...come on over and share with us at Nifty Thrifty Tuesday.


  3. Dont apologise at all, gives us another chance to see inside your lovely home.

    I love the beast, my mother has the same one plus matching table and chairs in her formal area. Its still in the mahogany colour and rarely used....wonder if I can convince her to pass it on!

  4. Oh if I could move furniture I would. Your home looks amazing. I especially love that last pic with the shelf and the boat. Great vignette with the baskets too. Hugs, Marty

  5. Change is fun. Love the beast from Goodwill! Can't wait to see cushions for it:)

  6. LOVE that pretty wooden couch! Wow! Can't wait to see it with cushions :) Just popping in from POWW.

  7. yeah, i would rearrange a room based on that couch, too! it's stunning, denise!


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