Some of you may be thinking of the song by Yes, and some of you may be thinking of David Bowie, but either way, I know I'm random, and there are lots of changes going on here!
 Both at home, and in my room at Aunt Bee's.

Yesterday, I got to bring home the Shabby Chic hutch that I've had in my space since February.
I'm not sad that it didn't sell (ok, maybe a teensy bit...) but really, once I started fantasizing about it in our dining room, I got more and more ancy to bring her home.
I even considered delaying our house tour until after I was sure we would be keeping it!

I did have a potential buyer late last week, but she decided not to go through with it.  
I listed our small hutch on Craigslist, and guess what?
It sold yesterday at exactly the same time the big one was on it's way to our house.
Was that meant to be, or what??

It fits perfectly in our dining room, and I think I doubled our storage capacity.
I like that it uses up more of the wall space too.

This was the biggest furniture makeover I've ever tackled.  I'm happy with the work that I did on it, and am so glad we will be able to appreciate it for years to come.

The other exciting thing with bringing the hutch home, is that it means I have more flexibility in my room.
It was awesome having it in there- it kind of helped people know who I was!
I was known as the girl with that "big, beautiful hutch".
That sounded funny.
Anyway.  It was great to help people know where to find me, and to start off in that space with an impressive piece.

But, with only having two walls, I couldn't do very much with moving things around.  It was a bit limiting with the real estate in there. 
So, with the hutch gone, I got to paint my room a brighter color.
{Behr's Magnolia Blossom}

And I should have lots of fun moving in more pieces.
With July, and the start of the Olympics soon, I have been squirreling away England related items.
Very excited to have a new theme!

My room before:

I had a large barn wood shelf in this room:

...and the two doorways leading into my room:

Here's the after, today:

 I love the brighter, lighter look to the space!
The barn wood walls are still a standout feature, and it instantly brought more light into my room.
I needed it, since there's no natural light to work with.

I have a ton more to do to my room.  I'm hoping to work on some little things this weekend to cute it up, and bring in more merchandise.
Today I worked from 7:30 -12:30 getting this all painted and reset.
(and a huge thanks to Belinda, aka Aunt Bee, for helping me paint!!!)

I've started stocking Disc Hangers in my room, and I'm not happy with my wimpy little display, so that is a big priority to get something up soon for those.
But, it's coming together!
Can't wait to play around with my new layout!

I've also been playing around with the layout in our living room- I hope to have more to show you shortly!

Have a fantastic weekend!


  1. She's darling in your dining room. I'm glad you decided to keep her. SOmetimes I get seller's remorse when I let some things go that I worked really hard on!

  2. The hutch is really beautiful - you did a great job! I wouldn't be so sad to have her in my home, either! :) Love the lions head hardware, too!

  3. The hutch is BEAUTIFUL!! What color/brand paints did you use? Love the blue inside.

  4. what a great space, and love your hutch in the dining room. just perfect!!

  5. LOVE that hutch!! It was definitely meant to be and it looks fabulous in your dining room!

  6. I love the hutch. Here is the thing I noticed you did.. The framed picture with your name Pink postcard in it. I will be borrowing that idea for my booth so simple and so genius! Hugs, Cindy

  7. That hutch is so perfect for your dining room - I can't believe you ever tried to sell it!!

  8. Its beautiful and looks perfect in the space.

  9. What an amazing hutch! Love the blue background. You're so lucky to have a place like Aunt Bee's. I dream of having a place like that!

  10. WOW - it looks incredible there.

  11. Denise your hutch is beautiful and your space is amazing! I am thinking of expanding but I am just not sure yet. Hope you have a great Monday!


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