Pink Postcard House tour week- Day Two

Thank you so much for all of the sweet words on yesterday's post of my House Tour!

Honestly, it was so hard for me to hit 'publish'.
As I was putting together the post, I started feeling more and more discouraged.  So many things I'd like to see differently in our living room....I don't know why it is such a source of frustration for me!
But, thank you just the same.  Hopefully some day I can be really excited about how that room has come together.

Today, we are finishing the rest of the downstairs.

Just off of the dining room is our family room.
It is an itty bitty space, and when we first moved in we had an oversized couch and overstuffed chair.  It definitely did not work.  It also had a very distinctive pattern all over it, and it was time for an update.

We splurged big time and bought the Pottery Barn Pearce sectional.

 I love it.
It maximizes seating when we have guests, and is so comfy.  We are loungers, so at night when we settle in for TV, we sprawl out with our big flannel blankets.  It's perfect for our family.
Bella has her favorite spot in the corner too.

I hate corner fireplaces.  They should be outlawed.
I hate the vapid space above, AND the builder also put the cable cord in the middle of the wall below.....???? So, instead of having the TV up at a crazy angle, with cords dripping down the sides of the fireplace, we walled in the corner and made it as traditional and cottage looking as possible.

You can read about it here.

This room is a bit more transitional than the shabby chic look going on in the
living room and dining room.

I'd like to maybe add wall shelves with wrought iron brackets, but for now we have space with our little aqua bookcase.

Behind the family room is the kitchen.

Hard to believe it was a year ago this time, that I was prepping to paint all those cabinets!  Whew!
So glad we did it, but I really felt like I lost a month of my summer completing that one.

I like that the kitchen now has a contemporary cottage feel.

Our nook is just off the kitchen, and it is a pretty tight space.

We've tried a few different layouts in the four years we've lived here, but it is what it is.  I love how it looks, but do wish there was a bit more room between the island counter top, and making it around the table.  We changed out the lighting and added in the sideboard and open shelving.

English kettle print from Etsy

 I love this little creamer.  Edelweiss Cafe.
My parents gave it to me several years ago for Christmas.

It's what I was hoping for in a cottage kitchen.

Next to the nook and couch is our fold out buffet cabinet.  The top folds out for an additional serving area.
Right now the cabinet stores extra china, serving pieces, and linens.
We made the top into a mini bar.

A small powder room just off the kitchen / family room.
We have our countdown started for our big anniversary!
Can't wait!!!

I do love how this space transformed.
Very vintage European feel.

Next, our laundry room! It has a TON of storage.
{I know. Don't hate.}

I do love that.  I store all of our vases and candles in one cabinet; cleaning supplies in another; lightbulbs, batteries, and extra paper goods in another; and just odds and ends in the last.
This is one of the last spaces in the house with the beige paint.  I really am hoping to paint it out this summer or fall!!

My $5 chandelier.
So much more fun than the fluorescent that was previously there!

This is usually where all the junk piles up.  I can assure you it only looks this way for you, my dear guests.  Any other day there would be piles of papers, toys, and who knows what else there.

Hoping to add more of these colors to this space soon!

It's a functional space, but I am looking forward to giving it a pretty makeover.  

There's day two!
I know I packed a lot in, but thanks for visiting our home!
Now you've seen all of the downstairs, tomorrow is bedrooms and bathrooms in our second story!


  1. Your home is truly gorgeous.

  2. Love love your kitchen and breakfast area and LOVE your pretty powder room too!! Looking forward to seeing more!

  3. Denise, it looks so beautiful!!! ox

  4. Your home is really Sweet. It was really fun to tour it.
    I'm in love with all the painted furniture you have. . . and have probably done yourself, like the blue book shelf and the little yellow and white cabinet, I want!!

  5. I would move in with yo in a second! I love that your spaces are airy and cozy with colour, softness and favourite things. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the tour....

  6. AMAZING POST:) Your blog is so wonderful and Im following..I hope you follow me also:)

    Have an awesome weekend

    LOVE Maria at

  7. Ahhh. That was a wonderful tour at the end of a long work day! Thanks for taking the time to straighten up and present your home to us. Beautiful. One day I might clean up ours to do the same. But not today! xoxo

  8. Loved your home tour, everything looks beautiful! It takes time when you are decorating or redoing and nothing is ever really "done". Great job, Laura

  9. Your home looks warm and inviting. I think you've done a great job! Off to look at the previous posts!

  10. your home is beautiful! so soft and homey!!!
    ps. I also have a corner fireplace..yuk, so hard to decorate around it, you did great!

  11. Thanks for the wonderful tour of your beautiful home. Great job in decorating.

  12. Im so je3alous of your kitchen!! Its all stunning. Love the little dresser/side table that you have skirted. Looks great

  13. Your home is fabulous! Love your open kitchen shelves and your tarnished silver pieces and of course your cow creamer (I have a vintage collection)!

  14. Your home is beautiful. I love your kitchen.


  15. Beautiful home tour!!! I actually just purchased that exact same couch this evening in the stone color...which color is your couch? I'm trying to see what mine would look like and I love yours :)

  16. Hi!! I have tried to post this comment several times so please let me apologize if you now have 30 of the same comments in your comments, but I am considering ordering the pearce sectional in the stone color so I googled images leading me to your blog! Is your sectional in the stone color?? Do you love it??
    Thank you for your time!!

  17. Yes! It is the stone color. We really love it, it has been super easy to clean, very comfortable, and offers lots of seating when we have guests. Hope that helps!

  18. I am looking to purchase the stone color pearce sectional - just like yours. I am curious if you still love it. I just went from a warm color palet to all white trim and grey walls...I am in shock and struggling - because I love warm colors. I like this ultrasuede and the stone is the closest color to go in my room. I would love your feedback! :) Thank you, Donna

    1. Hi Donna~ It's been a great sofa! Super comfy, and it cleans like a dream. I think the only thing I would do differently if I was purchasing it again would be to not get the down filled cushions. While it is nice in some aspects, and you pay more for it, the spots that are sat on the most (like the corner) tend to get a little deflated looking over the long haul. It doesn't hold it's shape as well as a traditional cushion. Otherwise, we feel it was worth the money, and we loved the color. I think if we'd gone with the warmer tone, it would have looked too yellow with our over all look.

  19. Pardon me if I have overlooked it, but what is the pale green color you used in your beautiful kitchen?

    1. Thanks for your question! The color is called Pistachio Tint and is from Valspar.


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