Pink Postcard house tour - Day four

Happy Friday, and hello weekend!
I don't know about you, but this week feels like it has flown by.

Today is the last day of the house tour.  
It's been very strange and fun to see our house through the lens of a camera.
I can already tell you that there will be some updates and changes as a result!

Next to the master bedroom and across from the kiddo's bathroom is my junk room studio.
I envy those of you who have immaculately organized and cute spaces.
When things get really busy, my stuff ends up on the floor.  
So we won't look down there for the tour!
(oh, the magic of editing....)

I did a makeover on this space about a year and a half ago.
It's pink.  It's girly.

I use a lot of mason jars for storage.
That, and candy canisters.
I know that looks like an ugly pink plastic cup holding pencils and stuff, but it was what I used as a poor art major in college.  I can't bear to get rid of it.
The start of my journey!

I have my business cards and sales tags next to the door- easy for grabbing some on the go.

When I need to work in here in the evenings, these Ikea hanging lights offer me a lot more light than the overhead.  I added the ball fringe for fun, and for the pops of red.
Can you tell I love ball fringe??

Next to the studio is our home office.  
This is where we both work, so I love that we can occasionally be side by side.

It's got a vintage surf vibe going on.  When we first started working on this room, my husband wanted a Hollister feel to the room.
We opted not to have super dark lighting and loud music though.

My husband is a big Bob Dylan fan, and I got him the print a few years ago for his bday.

The wicker crate is what we use in place of a file cabinet.

Next to the office is Hannah's playroom.

She wanted the bright apple green color.
I'm holding off doing too much more to this room- since she is a tween, we don't want to invest in too much decor that isn't transitional at this point.  I've been pinning things to Pinterest with that idea in mind....
It's a kid's play area, so I am being artsy and strategic with photography since it is usually very messy!!

I promise I did not set this up.
As we were trying to tidy up in here, Bella decided she needed a rest.
LOL!  It's a pretend doggy bed that we got at Build A Bear.
Bella loves to sneak in here and wrestle with a giant green monkey, or chew on little Playmobil people.

We got 4 of these Ikea side tables for the playroom.  They can be configured as a large table for playing, or pulled apart for storage, or used as a low desk.
They've been great!

I have more of Hannah's artwork that I'd like to hang up, but so far this dinosaur painting is the only one.  I'd like to do a collage wall of all her stuff from over the years.

Our upstairs hallway is another project that I am hopeful to makeover in the near future.  I think it will be a relatively quick and inexpensive project, but we have a lot on our to do list right now.
And our 20th anniversary coming up...

Thank you so much for joining in on the house tour.

I truly am humbled and amazed at the response from you.  It's been hard for me to expose myself in this way- I feel like so many of you have such incredibly beautiful and inspired spaces, and I am such an apprentice!

Looking forward to many happy years in our home, and more fun projects!


  1. Are those book pages on the ceiling? Very cool! I too, am a huge fan of ball fringe. I have it on our master bedroom curtains! I love the curtains in Hannah's play room. Such fun colors!

  2. I have enjoyed your house tour. I recognize the pin cushion ;)

  3. Denise,
    I am so glad you decided to open up your home to us. I commented the other day but feel the need to tell you thanks AGAIN! Your home is beautiful. But mostly, because it is easy to see that your home is an expression of YOU! Personal touches everywhere!! That is my favorite part. That, and your pink art cup you can't get rid of.
    Take care!

  4. Love the cane chairs in the home office. Or rattan. Not sure what theya re called, but love them anyway.
    And Hannahs curtains- they are very cute!

  5. Your house looks so beautiful, I love it. And oh gosh Bella is the most adorable dog ever :-D makes me want to steal her a little bit.


  6. Your home is just beautiful Denise! And best of all, it's filled with charm and character. Your personality really shines through. It's a real home for real people and I just love that! Thanks so much, I thoroughly enjoyed the tour!

  7. your craft room is so darling...DO NOT get rid of that pink has special memories :)
    love your other office too...very manly cool ;)


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