my life as a junker

Yesterday, I went to an awesome rummage sale.  
It was the second year I've been to this one, and I was pretty excited.
{You can see which sale I'm talking about by clicking here.}

I had big plans to have a bunch of money saved up for it, but I didn't.
  :(  boo.  Hate that.

I got up super early, took a quick shower, and threw on a little makeup.  Combed my bed hair (no time to straighten or curl....) and rushed out the door.
Made my way to our friend's coffee shop, got a coffee and bite to eat on the go.
Walked across the street and - yippee!- I was third in line!!

There are a lot of interesting people you meet at these kinds of events.
I started chatting with the lady in front of me.

I could tell she'd had a hard life, just by the slump of her shoulders and the lines in her face.
She talked to me the whole time, telling me of breast cancer, all of her kids and grandkids, years of physical abuse, and "her favorite kid's" drug and alcohol use and eventual death.
She told me she had been paralyzed twice.  She told me of a man's voice who has frequently, quietly talked to her and told her things that have saved her life.
She was a nice lady who liked to lace her stories with s*** and g**-d***.

 She pointed to where she once had a breast, was now her spot for keeping money safe at these kinds of sales.
She was a character!  

All through the conversation, I went from being third in line (I was indeed, in line) to fourth.

Pretty soon, she even clued in that there were some line cutters.  
Yes, it was bugging me, but I didn't say anything.  
But this lady did!!

 No matter.  These are hardcore people, and they must have their junk.  
Rules are out the window.

I saw a few other vendors in line with me as well.
I may or may not have been tuning out from time to time to eavesdrop on their conversation.

Finally, the time was near and you'd think the Boston marathon was about to begin.

I never saw that lady again.  I never got her name.
I was let loose, and I practically ran to my first area.
(Really, I just walked super fast)

I finally set my sights on this:

What a beauty, eh?
I'd learned my lesson after last year, that you do not bring a check book to this sale. Cash in hand, I scoured the crowd pouring in to wave my money at the checker who would mark sold on it.

I waited.  And searched.  And waited.  

Egad, time is wasting people!!!!!!

It was way too heavy to lug, and I had more shopping to do.
Finally, I caught the eye of a checker; I paid and moved on.

I wasn't hunting for big pieces because I'm pretty much out of room in the garage and, like I said- out of money.
Sad face inserted here again.

Next, I found this:

Gray, white, and chippy.

Eventually, it was time to move inside to the gym and scope out all the little stuff.
Madness.  Sheer madness. 
Wall to wall people.

 Some young moms decided to bring double strollers in and park them in the already crowded,
already extremely narrow aisles. 
While. they. slowly. browsed.
And bent down in the aisles.

I always appreciate people who have a sense of humor at stuff like this.
You have to.  It's supposed to be fun, and who wants to get worked up over lines, crowds, and small inconveniences?
 Politeness goes a long way too.

I found a few small items:

...and made my way to the checkout.

I had $10 left in my pocket after purchasing, and decided to make one more round through the parking lot.
I spent the last of my money on this.

{I might keep it....}
I love what I do.
 My heart beats a little faster when I see sale signs in the road.
I love the process of the hunt.  

Sometimes I will drive long distances to an estate sale, only to find that it's a total dud.
Other times I'm out doing regular day to day stuff, stumble on a sale, and hit the jackpot.
It's a crapshoot.

And that's another reason it's so fun.

We meet a lot of interesting people along the way, forge friendships through the process, and know that there is alway something good hiding under that pile of junk.

I've only been doing this a couple years, but I love what I do.
I'm hooked.

I hope you love what you do.

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  1. Fun story. Interesting who you meet in line! I think all you got is great--but that last piece I really love!

  2. GREAT finds - sales like that are so fun - IF you get to walk away with some treaures! : )

  3. Neat story. I love meeting people like that! Great finds!

  4. Sounds like a fun day and that lady kept you totally entertained. lol Love that table, it is stunning. Hugs, Marty

  5. I remember this post from last year...So envious! What fabulous finds, everything. I just recently redid a little curio like that one, I blogged about it, I put vintage wall paper in the back and a waterslide decal on the glass and it sold for $65, great find!


  6. That was a good day 'at the office'! We do meet all kinds of people in this business - it's fun though.

  7. You found some fabulous pieces! Love the table and the last piece with the birds.

    It is a process and a crapshoot, but that's all part of the fun!

  8. Wow! You really scored! My fave is that leaf covered metal work. Absolutely gorgeous! What an exciting day out for you, too!


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