just a tease

This has been such a crazy week.
Some not so fun stuff, and some great stuff.

Summer break has officially started, school and softball are done,
and I have been having so much fun with my girl.
I love the sun.

So much.
I really am living in the wrong climate.

I promised I would have more furniture projects to share, but I am about 3/4 of the way done with two of them because I've been working on a few other little projects here and there as well.
So just some teaser pictures to show you what I've been up to!



{altered vintage bottles}

{Swedish gray bookcase}

{Stripey straws}

...now in my room at Aunt Bee's!
Packaging by moi.
And, in all of my spare time (ha!)
I worked on getting a little of the first coat of paint on our new settee for the living room.
Pretty rough, but you can start to get an idea....

Ah, can't wait to show you more.
But like I said- for now, just a tease.

Hopefully more for you this weekend!


  1. Now you should feel really bad teasing us like that:)


  2. Oh, even the little tidbits you fed us look fabulous! Can't wait to see the rest.

    I've been enjoying the sun too, I agree about living in the wrong climate. It's been around 72 degrees here, low humidity, absolutely ideal weather! Very easy to take.

    Have a great week-end!


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