Happy Father's Day!

It's been kind of a weird Father's day for us at Casa Pink Postcard.

Hannah is gone for a week on a camping trip with her cousin, so it's been a quiet father's day for us.  We celebrated last weekend when we were together, by going to see "The Avengers" at Cinnebarre.
(a movie joint where you can order food during the movie)

I was looking around the house this morning and thinking of all the things my dad has done for me 
(us, really) and thought you might like to see.

I get lots of compliments / comments on our painting above our mantel.

Painted by my dad.

Our bed in our bedroom- a pine, pencil post, shaker style-
made by my dad as our wedding gift, 20 years ago.

Hannah's bed- the first and only bed she's had since she moved out of her crib

...was a knockoff of a Land of Nod model, made by my dad.

He's helped me on several of my furniture projects when there's been a needed repair.
I'm not sure he ever thought that when he had a girl, he'd have an eager audience to learn how to use power tools.

Because of him, I knew what Copperplate Gothic, Helvetica, Papyrus, and Bernhard were before most kids my age. 
(if you still don't know what I'm referring to, they are fonts.  He had a graphic design business while we were growing up.)

I have an appreciation for the city life, and country life.
Having a tender heart towards the Holy Spirit.
Making everything that surrounds you beautiful and interesting- whether it's work or home.
The ability to have a sense of humor in life.

I posted about him very early on in my blog.
You can read more about his creative influence on me, here.

{my parents!}

Love you dad.

I'm also incredibly blessed with a wonderful father in law.
He was a huge part in shaping the life of my husband and the father of our beautiful and wonderful kiddo.

Have a wonderful day celebrating the dads in your life!


  1. A lovely post honoring your father! I've always LOVED the painting over your mantel. How special that it's from your dad!

  2. Wow--I love that painting even more that I know your Dad did it! How awesome!

  3. Denise....this is such a beautiful post!!! I hope you had a wonderful weekend filled with great memories.


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