Fleur de Lis dresser

A few years ago, I took a painting class. 
It was a still life session, and I finished my painting way ahead of the rest of the class.  I was really happy with it, and when the instructor came around to see my progress, she wasn't as satisfied as I was.
She began critiquing and telling me where I needed to fill in more- more depth, less one dimension.

I have to admit, I was a bit crushed and reluctant to change what I thought was a pretty good piece.

But she was right. 

It's easy to paint a piece of furniture and be satisfied, as is.
But what can you do to take it to the next level- making it unique?

I'm still no expert in furniture. 
 I readily admit I have a mountain of learning to do.

But I am trying to push myself to do more than just 'good enough'.

I loved the process of this dresser.

It was pretty plain jane to begin with.  
It was in good shape and a good size, and I liked the dentil moulding on it.

Even with a new color, it needed something...
I considered doing a floral design on the side, but remembered I had a small stencil from this project.
Cutting Edge gave me a couple small freebies and an idea started formulating.

It was cute, but it still needed a little more.
I broke out my nail heads, and added those to the middle of the fleur de lis.


I also changed out the hardware to glass pulls and knobs.
This is the perfect size for a changing table too, so I love that it could be used for several purposes!

One last thing: did you notice the wood pedestal here?
It's actually a vintage lazy susan made out of Myrtlewood.  Myrtlewood is from a locally grown tree, prized for it's beauty.  I'm always looking for good "risers" for display pieces, and this fit the bill.
Simple and rich looking.
{If you're into wood, or just curious, you can read the info here}

Enjoy your Saturday!
I am finishing up all the last minute prep for the parking lot sale tomorrow at Aunt Bee's!
(if you want the address, you can find it in my "where to find me" tab at the top of my page.)

This pretty little piece will be there.
I'll be setting up at the crack of dawn (literally).
Hello coffee.

If I have time today, I'm hoping to post some preview pics on Facebook of what I'll be bringing down to the sale.

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  1. Oh, I love what you did with it!!! Clever!

    Jan ♥

  2. As always. BEAUTIFUL!!! What brand/color paint did you use on that beauty? How long does it take you to do a piece of furniture like that? Thanks Denise. I love how you tie the tag on your pieces too. nice touch. Have fun tomorrow.

  3. Thanks Carol Jane! I switchrd it up and used Ace's Kensington brand. Paint and primer in one. The fleur de lis pattern was done in chalk paint.
    This one took me a couple days. :)

  4. It turned out pretty. I hope it sold!

  5. The dresser turned out beautiful. It is amazing what a coat of new paint and accessories can do.

  6. amazing post :)
    I really love it!


  7. Brilliant! I love how you added some detail to the sides of the piece. People see that, too. Who says you can't have interest there as well!

  8. "It's Beautiful like a breath of fresh air"! LOVE IT! and the new glass hardware made it PERFECT!
    Have a fun week,

  9. Bonsoir! Tres chic finds mon ami... love what you did with the dresser! I'm partial to Fleur de Lis, but I adore that white architectural piece sitting on top. Please tell me it's for sale? and you still have it? I'd love to own that one! Thank you so much for the informative post. Wishing you a charmed week! Au Revoir ~ Chelle P.S. I'm serious about that piece!

  10. Denise,
    You did an outstanding job on this dresser. Thanks so much for sharing it at my NTT party.


  11. This is so lovely - beautiful details and the fleurs de lys are a perfect touch!
    Your newest follower - would love to have you visit and follow back!

  12. What a great look and you added some lovely creative detail.


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