blue hydrangeas

I really believe that you should love the outside of your home as much as what's inside.

One of the things I most looked forward to during the long dreary days of winter, was our hydrangea blooms.
Being able to look out in the backyard and see the bushes loaded with blooms, ready for me to cut and bring in for color.

Our mantel now has it's summer look:

I love the twig vase paired with a simple English bowl.

I also added some to our entry as a cheery greeting.

So pretty in a tarnished silver bowl.

Our dining room table, brightened with color and a crusty bucket.

I've long admired homes in the magazines that had yards full of hydrangea bushes- all loaded with color.  So when we moved here four years ago, I knew what I wanted.

Planted the first year~

And every year since, we've added at least one more hydrangea bush.
Love the outside, as much as what you put inside.



  1. Beautiful blue hydrangeas.

    So funny that I just posted about my summer mantel adorned with blue hydrangeas. Posted about 5 minutes ago. Great minds... :)

  2. Such beautiful vignettes. I love the hydrangeas.

  3. Your flowers are gorgeous! I love that painting above your mantle. So calming.

  4. Hydrangeas are my favorite! We recently planted three bushes. Your blue ones are gorgeous!

  5. Your flowers are gorgeous! I planted mine the same year and I haven't had nearly as many blooms as you! Hmm..what am I doing wrong? Time to do some gardening research before my chances are over for the season!!


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