Typography dresser

This dresser was supposed to be black and a departure from all the feminine, romantic pieces I've been doing lately. 
A boy dresser.

But when I work on pieces, sometimes it starts to talk to me, and this one wasn't feeling the black.
I wanted to do a retro race theme....
...well, maybe for another project.

What I did end up with, was something that was inspired by Mary's beautiful piece that she did a few weeks ago.

Here was the before:

I meant to stage this at home so I could have natural light to photograph this in, but I had to redo my booth  after the weekend (Farmhouse Show) and didn't even realize I hadn't done that until I was setting it up here!  Oh well.

I haven't done a really heavy distressed piece in a long time.  
I've seen a few other projects out in blogland that just looked incredible, and I wanted to try it out on this one.

ASCP Paris Grey and Pure White.

I added the numbers to the fronts and painted the hardware in a soft dove gray.

Love the bun feet and the carved details.

I am realizing that pieces like this are really what I love doing.  I've always loved painting and home decor, so this is a perfect marriage of the two.  But I also really love graphic images, and I think I'd like to do more like this.  I guess we'll see how long this one lasts in my room, and if it goes quickly, then more to come.

The Farmhouse Show was a lot of fun, and it was so much fun to be a part of it.  It's always hard to predict what people will be buying, but regardless, I sold a few pieces- and now I am fully stocked in my room!

Thanks for letting me share my recent project with you.
The rest of the week I hope to run a mini series called "Little Updates".  I've been adding things to the house here and there, so I think I'll just do a room by room show and tell of some new items.

Have a great Tuesday!
I'm now off to treat myself (and my car) to a full wash and detail after all the junk hauling!
Can't wait.


  1. wow Denise, I love it!! I'm finding that this is really my style as well. Love typography!

  2. Denise, this piece is a charming rustic classic. I usually shy away from heavy distressing myself and go for a lighter touch, but this piece is beyond measure. I really like the golden oak paired with the creamy coat.

  3. That piece turned out lovely! I really like the numbers -- adds such a sweet touch. :-) Great job!

  4. Denise
    What a beautiful job you did I love this!!! WOW Factor all the way! Love your inspiring transformations.


  5. This is awesome! Love how faint the numbers are!

  6. I love this so much. I got to go to my first AS class yesterday and you can't imagine how difficult it was to walk out of the store with only 2 colors of the paint. It was definitely an exercise of self control. :)
    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your stuff.

  7. I adore how this piece looks. I love to heavily distress certain pieces, and this one came out PERFECT. I have a similar piece I have been putting off but you have inspired me to do something similar. I really love this one!
    Eileen @ Cottage Beach House

  8. Wow! what a great piece. I do enjoy this. and I am impressed. You did a great job. Thanks and keep posting.

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