my room and a mini tour of Aunt Bee's House

There have been several times recently when I've been stocking my space, I bring my camera, and then leave without getting any photos!
So here's an update on how things are looking!

I had to shoot pretty quick because it was late in the afternoon and almost time for school pick up.  I'd like to get some more another time.

Here's a view of the hutch. 
There are sales that go on twice a month at Aunt Bee's, and right now I have 10% off everything.
It goes through Sunday!
You can see a bit of the new rug I added in- I really like what it's added to the space.

The typography dresser and some new accessories.

The Anna vanity. I also have some Caswell Massey soaps! It's a beautifully boxed mermaid gift set.  All the soaps are shaped like shells, and smell heavenly.

I've started adding in a few Americana pieces for Memorial Day weekend, and the upcoming 4th of July!
(one of my very favorite holidays!)
 I have more that I will be adding in during June.
I recently added in the burlap coffee sack pillows.
I have some smaller ones that will be going in my Etsy shop later today.
You can also see the Cottage bed in the background. :)

Another new item I added in was a vintage drying rack.  This is HUGE.  I had no idea how difficult it would be to place in this room!! I needed something to display my linens better, and it certainly does, but I still gotta play around with my layout.

I missed getting a few shots of some things, but like I said, I was crunched for time.

Moving on to some other areas of the shop!

Judy has a really cute corner- I love the color on these two.

Sharon has a lot of primitive and country pieces, and her hutch is just adorable.

The day I brought it my heavily distressed typography dresser, we were laughing because she had just done one as well! Must be something in the spring air.  ;)
LOVE the color on this!

One of my most favorite spaces is Dani's.  
She is right across the way from me and always does her displays so beautifully.
I love seeing what she brings. 

I haven't met the owner of this little corner space yet, but always love the mix of fantastic stuff!
Love those chairs!

Judy and Mary's room has lots of beautiful things to look at!
(I wish I'd had time to get some close ups)
That little rounded top shelf is too adorable.

The front window display at Aunt Bee's House gets changed out regularly- I love the curtains that were added in and the bright colors.

One of the new gift areas- Fairy Garden supplies!
I have an obsession with all things miniature. 
(You'd never know it though, because if I let myself, 
I'd have too many tiny little things all over my house!)

Maybe a fairy garden would allow me to keep some of that in check though....  
aren't these accessories adorable?? little arbors, gates, lanterns, chairs, wheelbarrows, even teeny tiny cloches!! my favorite!

That's it for now- thanks for letting me update you on my lil room and give a very mini tour!

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  1. I love your room! It's a dream to have a space to call my own. Robyn

  2. So many cute things! I love that fairy garden stuff. How adorable.

  3. Hi Denise! So fun to get a tour of Aunt Bees! I hope I can come shop in person one day soon! Your space looks fabulous, of course! I hope you are doing well! Let's chat soon!

  4. It must be so hard to not spend every penny you make even before you leave the shop! So much pretty stuff- and interesting too!

  5. Love this shop...I've never seen anything as beautiful in England yet! Thanks for sharing continues to inspire me in my own work.

  6. I love the way everything is arranged in these rooms! and the color schemes. Nice Job! Also in love with that mirror with the intricate white border :)

  7. I am dying over that fairy garden stuff!!! I need some :)


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