Little Update: the nook

 I got to go to a local nursery this morning, and got a nice little stash of perennials for the backyard.  My biggest prize of the day was a peony for $6.  Now I have two for the backyard!

This might possibly be the only "room" in our house that is officially done.  woo.
The Little Updates that were recently completed in here, were some cup hooks for our everyday mugs, and some drawer liners for the buffet.

You would not believe how many weeks it took me to finally get these darn hooks installed.
I guess sometimes it's the little stuff that takes forever to do, right?  ;)

The other update (that no one but us three ever see) is the oil cloth drawer liners I put in.

I got it at Fabric Depot in Portland.  If I'm being honest, this was not my first choice.  I'd seen a beautiful multi colored pastel paisley months ago, and wouldn't you know it; when I finally had the money to buy, it was out.  But, I think this is a good second choice.
I pinned this photo to my Pinterest board- this was the original selection:

I like the simplicity of the polka dots.  Very fun.

And if they get dusty and dirty (like all drawers do) they can be taken out and rinsed off.

One other little 'frivolous' update is our new vintage tablecloth.

I got this at Serendipity, here in town.
The colors were absolutely perfect, and I find that I prefer tablecloths to placemats (even though we use both!)

So cheery and fun.

I hope you have a great Thursday!
You have to check out my Facebook page to see the amazing rug I got yesterday!


  1. Love that tablecloth--and I love polka dots so I really like your drawer liners. We must live close! I live in Cornelius (between Forest Grove and Hillsboro) Have a good Mothers day weekend!

  2. Th dots are pretty darn cute! What a lovely thing to gaze upon when you grab that coffee spoon each morning!

  3. Love the happy colors in your tablecloth!

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  6. I love your little updates. So sweet! :-) That tablecloth is beautiful. What a find!


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