Little Update: Laundry Room

Well, it really wasn't my intention to go this long between posts, but I had a slight mishap on Friday morning as I was preparing to edit photos.

We got a new computer in February, and even though I've uploaded photos hundreds of times onto it, on Friday morning, I accidentally stuck the memory card into the disc drive.

 I don't think anyone could have written a funnier movie scene if they tried.  Between cussing, me trying to fish out the memory card with anything and everything around me, and physically picking up the computer and shaking it on it's side (yah, I know....)
I created another errand in a jam packed weekend.
The good news is that they were able to get it out with everything in tact and no charge!
Thanks Apple store!

So here's the most recent little update.

Our laundry room has a lot of fun elements to make the chore a little better.
Actually, I don't mind doing laundry, just the ironing.  ;)

I picked up the cut glass bowl at Goodwill for a collection of wooden clothes pins.
I wish I had a laundry line, but for now, it's a great way to store something functional in a pretty way.

I've shown our laundry soap jars before.  The interesting thing is that the whole bungle with the original laundry soap jar is still one of my most pinned ideas on Pinterest.  Go figure.

I really like how these are working.
Vintage style candy jars with some labels I made thanks to the Graphics Fairy.
I like using Borax as a laundry booster.  It's all natural, brightens whites, deodorizes, and helps with stain removal.  The box has a ton of other uses listed on it, but I just use it for laundry.

I inherited my grandma's punchbowl.  It was missing the full set of cups, and since it's not too often I need a punchbowl, I decided to use the cups as scoops.

One punchbowl cup is the equivalent of a full load laundry scoop.
(I measured to make sure)

This vintage lunch box is where I store all of our dryer sheets.

Kinda fun, right?

I have more planned for this room - I'd like to remove the cabinet doors under the utility sink and add a fabric panel.  The wall color has got to go! I hope to tackle that sometime this summer.  Still trying to decide what color....  I'd love a bench in here for taking off shoes and coats.  But that would require some cabinet removal, and I'm not sure we can do with out it.  So that will be a "maybe".
For now, it's a functional space with some fun storage for everyday stuff.

And FYI, if you like the soap jars, but aren't feeling too crafty, I am selling some in my room at Aunt Bee's House!

I hope you're off to a great start on your week!
See you soon!

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  1. Pretty pretty! Love the lunchbox...too sweet!

  2. Gorgeous! And loving the storage ideas!
    Victoria xx

  3. Cute, very cute! Love the lunchbox!

  4. I love how you have used very pretty items as functional storage. Why have ugly things when you can buy lovely, useful things??

  5. I like how you used the cut glass Goodwill bowl. You are so much more organized than I am in the laundry room.

  6. Hi friend! So glad you got your computer mishap straightened out! Yikes! And I am glad that you can laugh about it now! Your laundry room has so many charming accessories! I am envious! My laundry room is sad...not much bigger than a closet with room for not much more than a washer and dryer. I also share it with 2 cats and it usually has a carboy on the floor with beer brewing in it. Not so charming... Maybe someday! Thanks for the inspiration and ideas! Hope to catch up with you soon!

  7. What a pretty laundry room you have! :-) I love all of the neat items you have in there and the different things you use them for! Happy Wednesday to you!

  8. Hi Denise

    Love all of the special touches. The scoopers and the lunch box were my favorite! Really a sweet setting. Thank you for sharing your inspiration with us.

    Loved the story about your mishap!

  9. Oh. My. Goodness.
    Please come do my laundry room next. If mine were this pretty I would want to never leave that room and I wouldn't have piles of laundry on the floor. Ever.
    I love it.

  10. Really love where you store your dryer sheets!

  11. Your laundry items are fun and functional. Love the use of the old lunch box for dryer sheets and the punch cups make great scoops.

  12. These are very cute idea. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Cute ideas for your laundry room! I love the jars. Thanks for linking to the Open House party.


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