French replica sign for the bath

One of the items I found on my big junk shopping trip the other day was a small wooden sign.  Perfect size for transforming into what I was wanting to cover.

Kind of a quirky little thing.
99 cents.

(I am loving my new nail polish color too!!! Periwinkle!)
I painted it all in black, and then printed off my template.

Using white graphite paper, I traced all the lettering onto the board.

I then used a cream craft paint to fill in the lettering.  
The border was just freehanded.

A sawtooth hanger was superglued to the back
(the wood was too thin to nail in)
and now I have a beautiful French replica sign to cover an unsightly spot.

Here's what it looked like before the sign was up, from Tuesday:

My inspiration came from a tear out I've had for years.  
I've remembered this kitchen, the sign, and always admired it.

Better Homes and Gardens July 2003

In case you're wondering- translated, it means Marechal Ney Road- in Nice, France.  It was named after a French general.

I also added in my $18, Made in Mexico expensive French cherub statue to the corner.

P.S. I am sooooo excited for my favorite show that starts TONIGHT!!!
So You Think You Can Dance!
woo hoo!!
are you watching?

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  2. I LOVE this sign!!!! Absolutely love it!!!! I want to make something similar for our home now, thanks for the inspiration, I'm going to pin it!

  3. Your sign turned out beautifully! Well done!


  4. Love your sign - it looks perfect in that spot!

  5. Way to go! This looks so good. You paint so carefully - I am not sure my lettering would be as tidy. Perfect place to hang it, too.

  6. Lovely sign and pendant, and I really am enjoying your blog :)


  7. Hi Denise, this is so wonderful, It really does pay to keep an inspiration file. You did a great job, thanks for linking up to Vintage Inspiration!!


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