The Farmhouse Show

I thought you might enjoy seeing a few photos from opening night at The Farmhouse Show!
This event is held at the historic Turner Tabernacle in Turner, Oregon.  The building is absolutely amazing- it is awesome, inside and out.

The 3 day event is put on by Aunt Bee's House, but it is open to any vendor.  
This was my very first time attending / participating in Farmhouse- I've always heard great things about it, but I've never been able to go until this year.

I love how the two vendors on either side of the main entrance did their version of a boy / girl farm theme.

The giant grand entrance:
(aren't the rafters incredible?!)

It does make for a bit of a draft- large building, high rafters, so wear a sweater!
My dad said the last time he was in this building (which wasn't too many years ago) there were dirt floors!

Molly and Basia's booth- isn't it adorable?

Make sure if you come, that you also check out the dining room- LOTS more stuff, and great cafe food!

This is my friend Aimee- she and her mom both shared a space here.  I bought a really neat piece from her that I hope to show you all soon!

Carol is an amazing seamstress, and the nicest lady.
She does gorgeous quilts, pillows, pins, and handmade soaps.

Ange (I hope I spelled it right!) Has an incredible booth full of awesome architectural salvage pieces.

Janet from Whatevers always does an amazing booth!
It's the second show I've had the privilege of being neighbors with her in the past year.

Mona has a couple things I've got my eye on.... ; )

Kathy and Layne had some really cute pieces.  I loved the patio set!!

Always so inspired by Coco and Lily's.... gorgeous.

....and then there's my humble little space.
I went with the smallest space I could- I was really nervous about being able to manage my booth and my room at Aunt Bee's.
Let's just say my room is looking quite empty right now- and I still need to steal some more stuff to restock here!

It's been fun to work at, and see familiar faces.  Thank you so much to everyone who has been coming out to Farmhouse!
The event closes at 4pm on Saturday.  The first full day and opening night were busy, so I can't imagine what the weekend will be like.
I hope you enjoyed all the photos- I know there were a lot, but there were a lot more I didn't show you!  So hard to edit!!  :)

My favorite photo was this one:

I tell ya, she always finds the best stuff!

Have a great weekend!

If you're interested in checking out the show, here's the address.
There aren't a lot of directional signs, so Mapquest it if you can.

Open 10-6 Friday, 10-4 on Saturday

Turner Tabernacle
5605 Jubilee Dr. SE
Turner, Oregon 97392


  1. Looks like a great event! Wish that I could come. And, I'd probably snag up that lovely little blue French dresser of yours!! HAGW!!

  2. What an amazing place!!! I wish I lived closer. Btw, your daughter is beautiful!!!!!

  3. Lucky be able to be a part of such a amazing show!!! We don't have anything like this in my area:( Your space looks great and I'm sure you will do GREAT!!!


  4. What a great show, I definitely saw several pieces I wish I could have. I just found your blog and I like your style.

  5. Has my wheels turning, wonder how far Turner is from Battle Ground, WA? Think I need to google it, lol!

  6. I have not heard of this. I'm totally going to check it out tomorrow!

  7. what a great show! i loved seeing all of your booth pics from the show...lots of inspiration! your space looks so all the color you have in there!!

  8. Hope you had a spectacular show. It looks like such a fun event.

  9. Great pics.
    How do I get on a mailing list for this sale? sorry to see I missed out.

    Treasures from the Heart
    Eugene, Oregon


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