fantastic junk!

My heart is so happy when I have a successful shopping trip!
Last Friday I went out with my mom to scout out some new items, and all the estate sales we hit early on were duds.
Unless you're really into fabric stuffed giant potato men.

The last two days were much more successful for me, and I can't wait to get going on these items!

This was part of a huge stash of stuff I brought home late yesterday!

Some very large milk glass urns and a silver sugar and creamer:

A set of unglazed owl bookends.  Perfect condition!
I am debating on spraying these a glossy white or maybe a color?? What's your vote?
I think white would look best with the rest of my stuff, but I'm open...

A set of 4 midcentury aqua and gold rimmed plates.  Loving the color!

TWO sets of oversized cutlery! :) 
One for my room at Aunt Bee's House, one for my newly reopened Etsy shop.
I loved the bottle too- I am thinking I will dress it up just a teensy bit with some graphic numbers around the neck...

This vintage 1960's towel is in mint condition.  It looks like it came right off the shelf! I loved the bright pink color.  Plus, it reminded me of a set my parents had when I was a kid.  Theirs was either avocado green or harvest yellow though.  Not pink. ;)
I thought it would be cute if someone wanted to make it into some pool / beach pillows!
It's reversible, so the other side is pale pink background with bright pink floral.

I can't resist a good statue.  Even though this Roman beauty is gold now, she won't be for long.  Trying to decide on a gray green chalky patina, or just white....
I am over the moon excited over the pillowcases.  I have always loved this print.  
So sweet!

This mid century jar is by Jeannie Robinette.  
It found out after I bought it that it actually was supposed to have a lid, and was an apothecary jar of sorts. I love the mermaids on the front, and thought it would make a cute jar for kitchen utensils, a flower vase, or a wine bottle chiller.  (it's large enough)
These are a really high end hand painted line, so even without the lid, it was a find.

A vintage Royal typewriter!
With ribbon!  :)
I saw the case, and was pretty certain it was a typewriter.  
so cute.

Couldn't resist this Americana picnic basket with the Fourth of July approaching!
And the black 1930's era lantern! 
It's missing the globe, but it was too cool to pass up.

I love vintage sweaters.  
I don't own any, and I only have one piece of vintage clothing (it's a 1950's bowling shirt)
But this one is tugging at me as a keeper.  We'll see.
It's off white angora.  Silver beading. Fully lined. Mint condition.
The back also has the same floral beading.
And it fits me perfectly.  :)
I would love this with a big off white crinoline or maybe pencil skirt....

This vintage seascape was one of the first finds yesterday. 
Love the colors, and the frame isn't too bad either!
(I threw in my manzanita branch just so you could get the vibe...)

It was quite comical to see me trying to manage all my goodies yesterday! 
Fortunately, my super helper kiddo was able to help.
I was totally charmed by this roll top desk caddy. 
It needs a good cleaning, and then I plan to paint it up.
Still trying to decide what color....

Whew! That's it for now!  Now begins the process of deciding what goes into the shop locally and what to put in my Etsy store. 
As always, if there's something here that strikes your fancy, just email me and I can set up a reserve listing for you online.

Have a great Wednesday!
I'm off to Zumba!


  1. Denise
    I love love all of your beautiful finds! What great photos and lovely displays. Have a wonderful day!



  3. Wow! When I was a little girl of about 7 or so, my dad made me a canopy bed, using sheets for the drapery, and it was the same print as the pillowcases you're showing, but in yellow! I had the sheets and pillowcase on my bed, too... Now that takes me back!

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  5. Hi, Denise! Just found your lovely blog and am now following! Love all your finds...I had those towels in blues when I first got married!
    So nice to meet you!

  6. I am so jealous of those bookends!

  7. Great finds!! I just got a Royal typewriter too..but mine doesn't have it's case...the guy said he threw it out because it was moldly...looks to me like it would have been easy to clean...Oh well the price was right!! :)
    It's always a pleasure to read your posts!!
    The other Denise :)

  8. Denise,
    Wonderful treasures you have here. Spray paint those owls "white". Love the sweather and the milk glass vases.


  9. You lucky girl! What scores! I love that roll top desk...and you should definitely keep that sweater. if it fits you it was meant to be! Love the owl bookends too. Hmm....I say go with white on them.

    The Joyful Thrifter

  11. Great finds--I really love that seagull painting!


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