the beautiful beast

I am so excited to get going on this project!!!

I gave my FB fans a sneak peek last night at what we hauled home- this 8 foot oak settee!

I found this beauty -sans cushion- for just under $60.  Ever since last months's issue of Country Living came out, I have been in love with one of the homes they featured.  I thought this was so beautiful:

Country Living via Pinterest
(**update: just found the blog that inspired me! Crisp Interiors)
I've been talking for a little while about wanting another couch in here and doing away with the rocking chair.  It's super comfortable, but there just needed to be something more substantial.

I adore the carved wood flowers and acorns:

The cane back:

The curvy, albeit stubby, legs:

And the gorgeous lines on the front:

I realize there is a fuchsia drop cloth lurking in the background of the shots- our garage is so full right now, there's no more room for me to put it in there to work on! 
The beautiful beast will have to painted where she is.
Because she is so large, I'm also going to need to do some furniture rearranging once this is done.
Ektorp, you may be switching spots with the beautiful beast.

But I can picture it now....white cotton cushion; soft wrinkled linen pillows.... all in a shabby chic white finish on the wood.

Want to know what I was supposed to be finishing this week?

Linen slipcovers for the dining room.
Ah well.  It's how I roll.
Decorating chaos.

Can't wait for the reveal of both projects :)
Have a great Thursday!


  1. Loving it! Can't wait to see the finished article.

  2. That settee is stunning. Can't wait to see it all redone, I know it will be fabulous. Hugs, Marty

  3. Oh yeah! She's gorgeous! Is she going to be white or grey or something else light and lovely?? Will she be comfy? Can't wait to see the cushion you put on it!

  4. That wood and cane sofa is going to be so fabulous when you're done. I can't wait to see your reveal. Robyn

  5. Love that piece--can't wait to see all your projects!

  6. Wherever did you find that gorgeous thing?
    Green with envy...

  7. Denise that settee is amazing and beautiful. I will be waiting to see the lovely reveal! Have a wonderful weekend


  8. I will be checking back to see what you did with that amazing settee. I am also following.


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