Anthropologie inspired hardware

I love Anthropologie.  
I know they are crazy expensive, but every time I get to go there, it's like going to the art museum.  
So inspiring. My happy place.
Except some of it I can afford more than art!

I don't know what it is, but I adore little things.  
Doll house furniture.
Liqueur glasses.
All the camping gadgets at REI.
The mini sized picnic basket goodies at World Market.

And the smalls at Anthropologie. 

Recently I saw these funky old light fixture plates.
They were brass but had a beautiful spray of flowers around them.

They reminded me of this:

So I took them home.

And made a similar version.

A great technique for distressing if you are trying to be careful about not damaging what's underneath
(in my case, not wanting to sand down metal)
is to wet down a dish scrubber to take off the paint.

I think these little 1960's beauties are so charming.  Since our house is new, we can't keep them.  
Our switches are all the giant ones.
So these are being sold.

Now if only I could do a copycat version of this from Anthro.....


I'll be working at The Farmhouse Show all day today, I hope to have some photos up later to show you!


  1. Super cute Denise! Great idea to paint them, and thanks for the distressing tip.

  2. Love those light switches you did. My parents used to have some like that! Good job seeing their potential!

  3. Those turned out wonderfully! I love the texture and the distressing brings that out!


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