shelf for the master bathroom

This is another one of those long awaited items I finally ticked off of my to do list!

The wall above our tub has had a few things going on over the last four years, but nothing permanent.
Finally, I put up a shelf like I've been wanting!

The pictures from Monday show a different shelf.
By the time I was done painting it and distressing it, I just knew it didn't feel right.

Fortunately, I had this one that was previously in the family room, and needed a new home.
It fits the space great!

I added in some bath essentials, and kept it relatively simple.

The only element missing now is a mirror above the shelf.  I'd like to find a vintage etched one that is sort of horizontal in shape- nothing too tall or large.

I was also able to shop a few items from my space! :)

I loved this little faded blue dish from the time I got it.

...and the basket that now holds these:

I'm having so much fun getting some things done around the house!

The little vanity that I'm working on is coming along beautifully.  I started on the chair last night and a pretty, fancy mirror I picked up.
More soon!

I also was able to invest in a new camera, (happy birthday to meeee!) and am having a blast playing with it.
Here's some shots that I am loving...

I picked up this vintage shaving mug the other day, and it's a keeper.  I have another super cool one that I will be selling soon, more pics later...
This one looks like something you'd see in Rachel Ashwell's decor!

my beautiful man, sleeping.  Love this.

Anyway, I am super excited about the possibilities this will offer, and improving my skills!
Maybe someday I will be as talented as this girl!
Have a great Thursday Friends!


  1. A new camera, how fun!! Love the shelf, too.

  2. your shelf looks seeing everything you are working on. have a great day!

  3. Absolutely adore the shelf, and yay on the camera!!!

  4. YOur bathroom is fabulous and your new camera is taking some great shots. Now, that beautiful man....Breath taking!


  5. AWW so cute with the pic of your man:) Im happy you like my blog and Im following you also. I dont see twitter though.

    I hope you come and visit me soon again, I have some more swedish inspiration for you:)
    Have a great week.

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis


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