Queen for a Day

If you follow my Facebook updates, then you know that today was a special event at Aunt Bee's House, where I sell all my stuff!
Queen for a Day!

This was a special event with gifts, food, door prizes and lots of fun.  When I first heard about the upcoming festivities, I found out that anyone working that day was encouraged to dress the part.
So, you need to know something about me.
I'm not big into Halloween, but I do love to dress up!  

So my inspiration was from the Queen Mum herself.

As I was getting dressed to go in, I just kept laughing harder and harder!
Oh my word.

One of the vendors took this one, just so you know I wasn't all stiff and proper...

I found the suit at Goodwill when we were on our trip to California! I made the sash, bought the wig (which is actually a Jay Leno - the old lady wigs were too poodle perm tight, and the Queen has more off the face....)
the shoes were also from Goodwill and the rest I had on hand.
Aunt Bee's supplied all the tiaras!'

Such a fun day, and it was so fun to hear everyone laughing and having a good time.  It was a busy day!

Here's some of the other queen's at Aunt Bee's House:
Belinda, "Aunt Bee"!
Basia and Sharon
Molly does all the beautiful arrangements for the store- she's the one that I bought my boxwood wreath from for our living room!

Judy and me
I've known Judy for a long time- she is a sweetheart, and her daughter and I went to school together for many years.  

Don't you love the backdrop for the counter?  
So fun to see everyone's outfits for the day!

Everyone really enjoyed all the special treats.  The food area was even decked out:

Loving that bee water decanter!  :)

So much fun!!
I hope you have a wonderful weekend~
I will be busy with projects and our daughter's first softball game!

Ta Ta, as the Queen (might) say!


  1. Oh, that was so much fun, i think you nailed it, what a fun place to sell in...The store is gorgeous!!


  2. Wow it looked like you all enjoyed your dress up. Thanks for sharing. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  3. So fun! It probably says somewhere on your blog, but where is Aunt Bee's?

    I remember my daughter's softball games. I missed them so when she graduated. How old is your daughter? Mine started playing in grade school.

    Thank you for sharing your "queen" day. :-)

  4. Hello.. new to your blog.. I just love everything. Looks like you had lots of fun.. it was all to sweet!!! My passion is crocheting but love to wonder out to give me more great ideas. Shari

  5. you look adorable in you 'queen' outfit. looks like you had fun at the shop...i was in there shopping on Thursday and no one mentioned the fun day on Friday or i would have been back.

  6. So fun! And the store looks great!

  7. Looks like that was a lot of fun! At first, I just scanned the photos looking for you...I breezed right by you! Then I went back and read the post...WOW! Great costume!


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