California finds

Even on vacation, the lure of finding some good stuff is something I can't resist.  
We made a few stops on our trip to search out some goodies!  
I brought home one big piece- almost two.  One of my finds was a cute metal bistro set, but with the glass top, we were worried about it making it home in one piece.  

We didn't have a ton of spare room either, but here's what I managed to squeeze in!

I have been wanting a champagne bucket like this for awhile.  I've seen plenty at shows, but I was determined to find my own!  Love the patina on this.  I have no idea where this will be going, but I am definitely keeping it!

I just loved the delicate flower spray on this sugar bowl.  It was missing the lid, but that is a ok with me.  These make such pretty little planters.  This one will be going into my space this week.

This is a huge candelabra! And very heavy! 
So simple, so elegant. Love this one.

Beautiful patina, and a close up of the details.

Last, but certainly not least, my big haul! 
I was sooooo excited to find this!  Once again, I have my sweet girl to thank for showing me this while I was looking around.
You have to ignore the garage scene.

Yes, that is a Soloflex.  We are probably in the 1% category of people who have bought it and use it regularly!  LOL!

Anyway, this table is gorgeous.  Love all the turned legs and details.  I'm still playing around with some color choices.  White?  Soft Aqua? Natural top or painted?  Highlight the details with a contrast color?  Go crazy with a jewel tone color???
Time will tell.  Hopefully there will be an after shot before too long!

That's it!  We were pretty packed in the cab, so there wasn't a lot of room for extras.  Jon was very patient and accommodating hauling home this table.  I am so thankful that he allows me to do this!  
I dream of someday taking trips together to flea markets so we can bring home more fun treasures.
I'm not sure that's part of any of his fantasies.  ;)  ha ha!

This last pic isn't something I got on our trip- I found it over the weekend here locally.  
You may remember my white tub that we use to entertain and decorate with.

 Shortly after this photo shoot, we had company over, and I asked *someone* if they could fill it with ice.  *Someone* put it on top of the garbage can in the garage, where it slid off and crashed to a million little pieces.  
I wanted to cry.  Only because it was one of those items I'd waited for so long.

I had the good fortune to find another one at a thrift shop over the weekend!

This one is bigger, heavier, (yikes!) and has a more old world look to it.  It also cost more (even at a thrift shop) than the one I bought at Target!
But, I am so excited to have been able to replace it!


I am getting ready to stock more items in my space this week, including some of the items here.

Tomorrow I hope to show you a furniture transformation for our living room!
Have a great Monday!

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  1. I love coming home with treasures from trips.Not only are they fantastic items, they have a special memory too:))

    I forgot to ask where you stayed while you were in Pasadena??
    Have a great night

  2. I am loving your finds--especially the sugar bowl. Looks so pretty with the nest in it!

  3. I love your finds! It's fun coming home with something other than laundry. ;)

  4. Great finds. Love your use of the ice bucket. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Okay, you really did good and love your purchases. That table will be gorgeous!

  6. Wooohooo! Awesome finds! Love that table and can't wait to see what you decide to do with it! I really love how you put the moss and egg in the lidless sugar clever and chic! I also dream of thrifting road trips with my husband someday... We can only hope, right? And if not, we'll send them away for a guys weekend and you and I can take off with a big vehicle and hit the road to find our treasures!


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