brass chandelier makeover

Yesterday, I mentioned that I would reveal another piece I picked up from the same shopping trip that I purchased the side table at.
I saw this brass chandelier and thought it had so much potential!
The style kinda reminded me of the pendants over our kitchen island.

The brass was badly pitted, and after doing a bit of research, I prepped it with these two things:
steel wool and primer!
First off was a bit of cleaning, and then I used a fine gauge steel wool pad to soften the pitted spots.

Then I used these... give it a good base coat and new finish!

Once everything was coated with the primer, I used Krylon's Oil Rubbed Bronze and sprayed the exterior.  I left the interior of the lamps brass- it was still in good shape, offers a pretty light reflective quality, and no worries for me trying to cover the bulb sockets from paint!

This is a plug in chandelier, and I thought it would be prettier with a cord cover.

I had a moment of laughing and cringing when I edited the photo- I didn't realized that the lamps needed some adjusting when I was hanging it!!'
I only had about 10 minutes to get it hung in my space and then race across town to pick up my daughter from school!
Guess I'll be fixing that on my next trip in....
Other than a bit of wonkiness at the moment, I love how it turned out.
Still a traditional looking piece, but with a pretty, updated look.

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  1. Wow, I really like the way that turned out. It's really kind of Pottery Barn-ish! Great job!

  2. It looks amazing adjusted or not x

  3. Wow, a great transformation, thank you for sharing, Happy Easter, take care and enjoy! Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  4. It is beautiful! I've been debating whether to redo my kitchen chandelier from its shiny brass 80s finish to a nice bronze. Now I'm absolutely certain it is just the ticket. Thanks for sharing.


  5. very cute. good job with this one. oh how i wish i lived close. i say that every time i see something new in your shop. of course, then my house would be bursting with stuff......


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