the Anna vanity

Despite having a super busy week last week, I was able to complete the transformation of a vintage desk into a vanity!  I guess someone could still use it as a desk if they wanted to, but this is so pretty, wouldn't you want to have some fun with this?

A lady that I've been in Bible study with for a few years now got wind of what I do, and emailed me to see if I'd be interested in a few pieces she was letting go of.  Yes!!

I really wish I had a before photo to show you, but the battery on my camera was completely dead at pre- paint time.

I've been learning a lot from Annie Sloan's painting techniques, thanks to her book,
"Creating the French Look".

Pure White, with Paris Gray accents.

I also bought glass knobs for some of the handles, and used farmhouse pulls as well.

Last week when I was out getting some stuff, I found a roll of vintage scented drawer liners!  
The smell is so sweet and light.  It reminds me of the book I used to read to Hannah, "Pat the Bunny".  We loved the page with the baby powder scent.  :)

I already put this in my space at Aunt Bee's House on Sunday.  There are several other fun accessories to go with the vanity:

a vintage pink jewelry box
(that cute little baby photo on the right is Jon's dad!)

I've picked up a few of these over the past year, and this one, by far, is my favorite!!  Pale pink exterior, gold details, working lock (but no key) pink velvet interior with automated workings.  You open the lid, and the bottom drawer opens as well!

Gold vanity mirror:

a vintage shaving mug:

The mirror was also intended for the vanity, but as I began to set it up in my room, the set ended up in the middle, so I couldn't hang the mirror with it.  This has beautiful details, enhanced with Pure White chalk paint.

I used the same technique on this mirror, as I did here- only using Pure White. It ended up having enough gray undertones, I didn't feel it was necessary to add any more gray to it.

Thanks for letting me show you my latest project!

Happy Birthday to my friend, Val!  :) Have a great day celebrating~


  1. Everything in this setting looks so pretty. Love this little area. Good job on the transformations!

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  3. So cute with the grey and white! Love the mirror too!

  4. The desk/vanity turned out beautifully! I love how you painted it in 2 tones. My mother has that same jewelery box. It can hold so many treasures. You vase of tulips just reminded me that I need to go out and grab a bunch for myself after work tomorrow!

  5. Love the desk turned vanity - great job!

  6. Great transformation! I especially like the gray details on the chair:-)

    We are at a hugher elevation so my snowball bushes are just now starting to leaf out. I always enjoy their blooms though:-) Didn't you love that warm sunny weather last weekend?


  7. Thanks for sharing at Cowgirl Up. The desk is so pretty, and how wonderful that your friend didn't want it any more. The paint is lovely.

  8. so pretty! i love the gray accents you added- they look perfect! and btw your party looked like much fun! happy birthday!

  9. Such a sweet little vanity. You did an amazing job with the distressing and hints of gray. I think I need to order Annie's Book!

  10. Gorgeous! You staged it so prettily!

  11. Your little vanity/desk turned out so cute. I'm sure it won't last long in your booth.
    Mary Alice

  12. Very pretty Denise - love that color combination!


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