40th birthday- an aqua birthday bash

So here it is.
The beginning of a new decade, a new stretch of life.
It sounds like I'm being so philosophical and serious, but really, nothing could be further from the truth!

I am 40.  And that's it.
I don't have any real bucket list goals that have suddenly sprung out of my head.
No desires to complete a marathon.

Mostly, I just want to be happy and surround myself with the people who make me happy.
So that's how we celebrated!
Today is my birthday, but we invited over several friends over the weekend and had a fun party.
The inspiration for the theme was these yummy and fun drinks!

I pinned the recipe to my Pinterest board awhile back because they are in my favorite color.
Not only are these a pretty shade of aqua, but they are DELICIOUS!!!
Even my husband who is not into sweet cocktails, really thought this was superb.

Low Country Lemonade
Here's the recipe:
(it served 15 people, with just enough to start things off, not a lot of refills...but we had wine with dinner, so that was ok)

15 lemons
3 c. water
simple syrup (1 1/2 c. sugar, 2 cups water- heated, stirred until sugar dissolves)
 2 oz of peach Schnapps for every 6 oz of lemonade
Blue Curacao, just for the color.  Add in a little at a time until you reach desired tone. We used about 2-3 Tablespoons.

We opted for a simple evening in, and had food brought in from my favorite local restaurant, Wild Pear.  I've worked with them before for our 20th reunion, and they do a fantastic job!

We kept the table decor simple but pretty- I used my white napkins and tied turquoise ribbon around them.

Just some tissue poufs and tulips in my favorite color.  We also added in some Lindor white chocolate truffles for munching on during the evening.

Because our dining room opens up into the living room, we were able to stretch 3 tables end to end and create one big seating area.  I like everyone to be together and get in on all the conversations!

This really is not the most attractive shot, and it's totally staged-  the blowing out of the candle had to be redone. ;)
It's the best shot of the amazing chocolate torte though!
Like pure fudge!!!!!

And yes, my fun ring.
I bought the shirt to match the theme, spotted the flower ring and couldn't resist.

I do love some bubbly, so the aqua label seemed like a fun choice for the dessert.

It was such a fun evening, and we had a blast.

 Jon is so good to me.  He planned the whole evening, and even helped make the tissue poufs on the table.
Yeah, I know you're jealous.  ;)
You have to know that he HATES to match.  But he was very excited about dressing the part of the theme, and said it was the one time he didn't mind being the matching couple.

The story behind the Barbie convertible is that when my brother in law turned 50, we gave him a "convertible with hot chick included".

They re-gifted the convertible, in Denise fashion!

The car used to be pink, but they white washed it, added glass knobs to the doors, and a vanity plate!
Too funny.  The Mr. in the car has his hair shaved like Jon, and they added in a little one to be Hannah.
Bella even got in the scene!!

The "D-Mobile" is a crack up too, since Jon works for AT&T.

Well done!

I'm planning to spend today going to Zumba (my favorite workout)
and having lunch with my girlfriends.
A family party in the evening.

For me, 40 is just a number.  I like where life is taking me, and the confidence I feel at this stage of life.
I look forward to what's ahead!


  1. Happy birthday. Enjoy the fun and whatever "comes next"!!!!

  2. Hi Denise!

    Oh this is such a cute and lovely bday bash!!! :) Happy Birthday to you!!! You look fab! :)


  3. Looks like a great time.....I hope your Birthday is as wonderful as you are, my friend!!!!

  4. Happy 40th Birthday to you....young lady:-) Looks like it was a great party. Love the convertible.

  5. Happy Birthday! What a fun party..looks like you have a lot of people who love you. Who cares if you are 40, you don't look it!

  6. What a fun party! Happy Birthday Denise!! Enjoy every minute!

  7. happy happy day to you. and i love your sweet attitude about 40. i was that way about 30, and feel like i am just more blessed as each year goes by. your party was so cute....

  8. Happy Birthday!! and that re-gift is HILARIOUS!

  9. Happy, Happy Birthday to you! Your party looked like so much fun. I love your 'matching' shirts with Jon and the convertible made me laugh...so cute. Hope you have a fantastic day.

  10. Happy happy birthday, Denise! :-) It looks like you had a wonderful party, and I hope you are having a great day.

  11. Happy Birthday! What a party and decorations are beautiful.


  12. So...fun, Happy Birthday to you:)

  13. What a pretty party! Thanks for including us! You are so special to me (and Jeff)!!

  14. Happy 40th Denise! What a fun celebration!

  15. Happy Happy Birthday to you!
    Your party looks wonderful and i love the car,so fun!
    I agree with the car box,you are hot 40 or not,enjoy your day x

  16. Happy Birthday! Everthing looks so cute!! Love the drinks and the Barbie car is hilarious! Great pic of you and your husband too :)

  17. That sure looks like a fun party. I celebrated my 40th last year and threw myself a party. So glad I did. It was fun! I found you from Simply Klassic. Loved what you had to share about being a new blogger. I'm a new follower as well. Happy 40th! 40 is what you make of it! (At least that is my motto!...and I'm making it fun!)

  18. Happy birthday Denise! What a fabulous party, and that convertible is great!!

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