weekend finds

First of all, thanks so much for all the lovely comments on the gray and white dresser from last week!  I sold a few items over the weekend, including the crystal lamps and the made over mirror!
:) yay!

I meant to have this post up yesterday, but my day was just too jam packed.  By 7pm, I was ready to crash.
So here we are today~

We had a three day weekend, and Sunday was the highlight.  On my husband's side, we have three March birthdays, so we all headed up to Portland for yummy food and shopping.

Here were some of the fun new items I have to restock my room with:
 A beautiful art deco style hand mirror.  The handle makes me think of Cleopatra! The back of it has a bit of tattered gold rick rack.

 These pitchers are always something I love to find.  I wasn't totally sure about the flowers that were painted on it, but I do love the colors, so hopefully someone else will too.  This is a medium size- not a creamer size.  Do you like these plain or do you like the embellishment on it?

 I just loved this English pitcher.  I seem to have a knack for finding English pottery these days (love that!)
The yellow and gold detail, some chippy bits, and the fading silver detail on the handle were all very charming.  I think these would be so pretty with some fresh mini daffodils at the breakfast table.
I wish I could add fresh flowers into my displays, but I'm afraid they would start to look bad before I could keep up with them.

 Pretty vintage books.  The authors / titles and covers are all fabulous.  The one on the end is "Silas Marner" which made me laugh, because I think of the scene in "A Christmas Story" where the teacher is announcing the next subject.
Right after Ralph has read at the top of his essay, "you'll shoot your eye out!"

A sweet little creamer pitcher and a milk glass urn.  The urn is heavier than what I typically find.

 I found this vintage Better Homes and Gardens decor magazine from 1966- it is in great condition, and it was so fun to flip through the pages.

Check out this spread- it looks very "now" doesn't it??? The jewel tone coffee table, the Ikea-looking chairs, the staged book shelves.....  and I love the black and white bathroom. Crazy, huh?  Everything old is new again.....

 This ad inside the magazine cracked me up.  Look at the wording!

I've picked up a few Syroco pieces in my time, and so this makes it even funnier.

The next three items were my favorite finds of the day.
I am SO excited about this one! 

 This cast lamp is SUPER heavy.  I really love the fruit and the urn design.  The colors are fabulous!
The shade is one I borrowed from one of our own lamps, so this won't be the one sold with, but I wanted to show it with a shade.
Here's the detail:
so pretty!

These twin statues are so beautiful.  Wouldn't they be great on a mantel together?

Lots of great chippy, crackled goodness.

Lastly, this adorable pale blue baby scale.

How great would this be in a nursery with some vintage decor?
I am hoping to add these in today before an appointment I have mid-morning....
(just exactly, how much can I cram into a day??!)

I am hoping to show you {soon} some new pillows I'm working on for the family room.  Here's a little sneak peek:

I was just short on some fabric, so hopefully I can crank these out this week!
Have a great Monday Tuesday!


  1. Great finds! Love, Love, Love the lamp! Sounds like your March is crazy like ours. My daughters Bday is tomorrow {she is 3 :( can't believe it}, my husbands is the 19th, anniversary is the 22nd and mine on the 31st. We lovingly call it "march madness". Enjoy your day!

  2. Fab finds! I love looking for new items for my booth too. Love the lamp! (Your grey dresser IS gorgeous!)

  3. Everything is great--but that baby scale is my favorite!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your finds. Great finds, I should say. I love to garage sale and antique shop in Portland, I used to always find great stuff. Paula Lusk

  5. I LOVE all of your finds from the weekend! I especially like the mirror and the pitcher with the hand-painted flowers -- really lovely. And that Better Homes and Gardens magazine? How cool is that find!! Thanks so much for sharing.

  6. Oh my, you found some treasures! All lovely but that scale is downright precious!!! xoxo

  7. I absolutely adored everything! Especially the lovely books you found!


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