my new place

Friday was a big day for me.  
Move in day to my new room at Aunt Bee's House! 
I arrived just as the store was opening (I'd hoped to get there a half hour before so I could work before customers started arriving....)
and stayed right up until closing.  My only breaks from working were to pick up the kiddo from school and a quick lunch next door.  I had so much fun though!  
Here's how my new spot looks:

The corrugated metal and barn wood walls are a fun feature to play off of.
I also have a shelf that is pretty rustic that's nice to play with.  Remember the estate sale shopping trip with Amanda?  The bowl and fruit painting on the shelf was from that day.  I just love it!

I had fun with the little paper lanterns that are hanging from the shelf.  A friend of mine gave them to me as a housewarming gift.  I may reclaim them for the summer, but it's kind of fun to have that feature in here.

My little corner of smaller items.  The table is actually my sale table that I use for shows.  It's not for sale, but I have hopes to build a dining table similar to this one down the road.
I started adding in a few spring / Easter items.

A paper mache bunny with a vintage jewel and blue ribbon; the silver bowl holds some little carrot ornaments that I made (hope to show the detail soon....); and on top of the shelf are some packaged robin's eggs and mossy rocks.  Those mossy rocks have intrigued more people! I used them as filler for my displays and kept getting requests to buy them, so I finally packaged some up to sell!

Underneath the table is this cute little storage bin- I love the wheels on it!

I have two door ways in my space- this is one.

This vintage produce scale was something I was really excited to put in my space! Finally!
It would be great in a kitchen or office for some fun storage.

The two doorways- I added my little bookshelf to the corner for some more smaller items.  The pink jewelry box was a fun makeover.  I realized as I was editing the photos for this post that I do have a before photo!

See the pretty silver water pitcher with pink peonies?  Another goodie from my shopping day with Amanda!

I hope I didn't make you dizzy going around the room!  ;)
It was a ton of work and so much fun.  I am so excited to be in here, and I hope it works out well.
Thanks for letting me show you the fun new space~

Don't forget that today is the last day to enter the $50 Kirkland's gift card giveaway!  It closes at 6pm PST.

I'll be back tomorrow to announce the winner and show you something that didn't make it to my new space!


  1. I love how your space is defined with your cute sign right over the entrance! andrea@townandprairie

  2. Oh it looks fabulous! you have it so well stocked, but not crowded, tons of great treasures, yep, I can appreciate the work! Good luck in your new spot!


  3. I will take the Boulangerie sign and the hanging scale...oh I must find the time to drive down to Salem!!!Love, love, love your stuff!

  4. Your new space looks great! I see some things I would snatch right up. I love the white chair. Great job!


  5. It looks fantastic! I wish I could visit it:)

  6. It looks great. I know you are soooo excited. Best of luck and sell bookoodles!!! Im your newest follower, so please, please come visit me and maybe you'll follow back.

  7. Love your space! Wow. Thanks for the ideas. I will have to steal some for my shop! Love it. Hope you'll visit me and shop around.

  8. Hi Denise,

    Oh how I LOVE your space!!! So exciting!!! :) Thanks for sharing! Take care and have a marvelous day. :)


  9. lovely. such a feast for the eyes. you've done well, Denise.

  10. What a great space! Love the attention to detail......the paper lanterns, the sign above the entry, the paper of luck to you!

  11. What a great space, Denise! You have it set up so beautifully! I really enjoyed the tour, and plan to go back and look at the photos once more! I like the flowers, too! I think they were a good choice! Nice work, my friend! I know you are going to do well here!
    Best Wishes and Blessings,

  12. Hi Denise,

    I'm new to your blog and I love your new spot! I would SO shop there if I could. Very well-planned and inviting!


  13. oh your booth is so lovely; i want to move in!

    thanks for stopping by "my place" today.

  14. i love looks amazing! my favorite part of doing flea markets is setting up! does that little blue alarm clock work and how much are you asking for it? would you be willing to sell it to me? i love the produce scale and am scoping out a space for it in my kitchen, but i am wondering if it's too big...any chance of buying that too? that one is a maybe because of the size...oh and how much is it also? look at me...i want everything in your booth!

  15. CONGRATS! You're on your way up! Go you!!


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