Guest Post: Fresh Vanilla for C

Fresh Vanilla for C is a blog I discovered through a link party! (see? it is worthwhile to join in and visit!)
Cheryl has a beautiful eye for vintage and pretty.
Thanks so much for coming over today and seeing her beautiful home and sense of style.
I hope you will visit her blog soon and see all the beautiful projects she has been working on.  


Hi Everyone~~

I would first like to thank Denise at Pink Postcard for inviting me to be a guest blogger today. It is such an honor and I am so excited to be here. I am a relatively new blogger  (started in July) and I am still amazed that people find what I have done to my house or my ideas interesting.  I have loved decorating and shopping for my house for years and I have always wanted to do something more, but was afraid to jump in and do it. The blog has been such a great way to get my feet wet. I am so appreciative of all the nice comments people leave and I feel so lucky to have met so many wonderful, creative women that I never would have had the chance of knowing if it wasn’t for my blog.
I feel so lucky.

I have often been asked why I love to decorate with vintage items so much. I think that is the polite way of asking, “Why do you like things that are rusty, chippy, tattered and look like they have been left in the rain for a couple of years??”  I love vintage because there is a history there. I wonder where the pieces have been? Who and how many people have owned them over the years? What did it the items mean to the people?  How far has this piece traveled before it got to me???  Of course, I don’t have “Vintage Only” in my house. That really isn’t feasible. But, I will say that my vintage items are the ones I cherish most. I don’t want the cookie cutter look:)

My favorite colors to decorate with are blue, white and cream.
It is the color scheme of my whole house, well not the kids’ rooms. They have their own style and that is ok with me.

My favorite things to decorate with are:
Blue Transferware

Fresh Flowers
Vintage Books

Grain Sacks

 I am a true believer that you can never have enough pillows. They are so cozy and they make a room feel that way to. Fresh flowers add life to a room.  I am not one who loves live greenery in the house so the fresh cut flowers are so important to my rooms. Grain sacks are a newer love, but I love finding all the different shades and patterns of blue and putting them all together. Mirrors are a MUST. Not only are they interesting, but they make a room feel so much larger. I sometimes think when people come over that they must be thinking that I really LOVE myself. I have a lot of mirrors!!

The one thing I feel that is so….. important to remember when decorating your home is to make it the way YOU LOVE IT. You don’t need to follow the latest trend, or decorate the way others may tell you to. Do what you love, that is all that matters. You have to do what makes you smile. You want to feel happy and peaceful when you walk through your doors. 

I have really enjoyed being here today. Thanks again to Denise for having me. I have had a great time. I hope you all have a wonderful day.


  1. oh your couch is so beautiful! i just want to curl up on it with a good book or magazine and a glass of wine!

  2. Nice to meet your style of decorating!


  3. I just adore Cheryl!!! She is one of the kindest of people and I just love her beautiful style!!
    Thanks so much for featuring her on your wonderful blog!
    Have a lovely day.

  4. Just came over from Cheryl's blog! I love her style! She did a wonderful job! Thanks for featuring her!
    PS. I love the name of your blog, Pink cute!! :)

  5. Oooh! I see a gorgeous Swedish cookbook on that shelf I recognize! {wink...}

    Everything is just so beautiful!


  6. in the short time I've known cheryl...she's given me so much inspiration! I just adore her style! merci for letting her Guest Host today! ;)

  7. A great post--everything is so lovely!

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  9. Cheryl has such a genuine beautiful style. Great post!


  10. Just beautiful! Like Cassie, I just want to sink into the couch!
    Love your style, Cheryl!
    Great fit as a guest post for your blog, Denise. ;)

  11. Cheryl's the best! She has a beautiful home...and a great eye for finding vintage goodness.

  12. She has such a beautiful that sofa with all the divine :o) Great guest post!!!


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