Weekend Junk!

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Friday I had to make the choice between yoga class or shopping. 
Shopping won. 
I got a lot of great stuff for my booth!
Limoge French vase

A nine drawer dresser! I am so excited to get to work on this one.  There are some really unique features to this one that I can't wait to show you when it's done!
These gorgeous lamps were my first purchase of the day.  I had several cart gawkers while I continued to shop.  They're not vintage, but I love them anyway!
A beautiful cream footed cake plate, cherub statue and some salt and pepper shakers that have hobnail detail around the base.
A vintage produce scale- on the hunt for a 3 tier wire basket to attach to this!

Some gorgeous hotel silver and a charming striped tablecloth.
Makes me want to sit on my porch.
A large Madonna statue and vintage litho of Jesus.
I love the sacred heart on it too.

Cute little tea bag dispenser with some fruits painted on top!

On a very sad note, these three pieces were on their way to the shop on Saturday.  The guy in front of me slammed on his brakes, which made me do the same, and these went crashing to the floor.  I was so frustrated and sad that these are a loss.  Maybe I'll have to use them for a mosaic.  I even saw something on broken china pendants....hmmm.  *sigh*

I was able to purchase an antique table and chairs from a neighbor- this was at the top of my wish list to acquire this month, so I am already working away on this one!
Check out these legs! woo hoo! ;)
The top is amazing too, but that's for later.
Friday night was Junk Salvation, and I was able to go with a couple friends to the opening, pre-buy event.
This is Jenni and Janna- I had a hard time saying that together all evening so usually it came out as "Jannie".
 aren't they cute in this little trailer?

It was so much fun! Lots of great vendors, and I was able to visit with some fellow bloggers and show friends. 

Living Like a Gypsy
Amanda from Girl in Pink was there and it was so fun to meet up. She is such a sweetheart. Both of us "pinkies" were very excited to be able to buy a sample of ASCP's "Antoinette". A great vintage pink color that is brand new!
I was also able to see Diane of Molly Mo's, Pam & Sarah of Roost Re imagined; and, for the first time, met Kathleen of Faded Charm (White Wednesday link party) fame :)

How about you? Any fun events this weekend with good junk?
I should mention that any of the smaller items you see above are always available for purchase online if you're not in my area.  I'm happy to set up a reserved listing for you on Etsy.  Just email me at pinkpostcard@comcast.net for pricing and shipping info.  The lamps and furniture aren't available at this time.  I'm afraid of how they'd arrive! : /

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  1. Oooooh, what wonderful finds! Love the lamps! The market you attended sounds like fun! And I love the vintage campers!!

  2. Good choice and wonderful finds. i love the scale, the flatware and the lamps.

  3. The booth you didn't know the name of was living like a gypsy. It was great to see you there as always

  4. LOVE those lamps you found! Also love that chair..
    My daughter and I were also at the Salvation Junk Show on Friday night! See my post--http://loveofwhite.blogspot.com/2012/02/salvation-junk-sisters-show-part-2.html

    Enjoyed seeing your pictures from the show!

  5. One word...WOW!!! You sure did find some wonderful items...love the lamps and that chair to the dining set is great!!! Thanks for coming to my party today.


  6. What a fun weekend -- and great treasures you found!!

  7. Wow what a great haul! I'm excited to see what you do with the dresser...it has AMAZING lines!

  8. Awesome lamps! You certainly did find some great things last week! Love your pics of the show too...funny how we saw different things! I totally missed the King and Queen chairs! Thanks for the shout out too! You are sweet! I was bummed that we didn't get a photo together! Next time! Happy painting! Can't wait to see what you do with that incredible dining set!


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